German open (tennis)

German open one calls the international German championships in the tennis. They are delivered in the gentleman competitions at the Hamburg Rothenbaum, in the woman competitions at the citizen of Berlin dog throat lake. The gentleman tournament belonged to the master series of the ATP and is called today Hamburg of Masters. The lady tournament carries the official title Qatar Telecom German open since 2006 and by the tennis federation of Qatar is organized.

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time up to the Second World War

the first “international German championships in the tennis” took place 1892 in Hamburg. They belong thus like those today as Grand Slam - tournaments admitted open championships of Australia, France, England and US open to the oldest and most steeped in tradition tournaments of the world. Like there also here only the men were entitled to take part at the beginning of.

The internationality of the tournament existed at the beginning only in the fact that also Austrian citizens are certified. As place one selected the plant of the “railway association on the UHL refuge”, which admits Klipper THC Hamburg” today under the name “is. First delivering of 27. August 1892 was overshadowed of the outbreak of the Cholera on; the tournament was interrupted and found only one month later with the 19jährigen walter Bonne its first winner.

1894 took place the tournament for the first time on the area of the today's Rothenbaums (club to the Alster). 1896 was for the first time also ladies startingentitled. The year 1897 saw real the first “open” German championships and the Englishman Hillyard as a winner. The tournament in bath Homburg was delivered from 1898 to 1901. Reason for this were financing difficulties of the delivering Hamburg railway associations.

1902 were created the German tennis federation. In the same year the German open returned to the today's venue, that Hamburg Rothenbaum. Up to the First World War the championships were accomplished still in the local change with the plantUHL refuge “. For the first time a gentleman double title was expenditure-praised. 1906 were assigned for the first time a mix OD title.

Between 1914 and 1919 Germany was excluded from the international tennis happening, so that the championships were void. Since 1924 the plant at the Rothenbaum is the final location of the tournament. One year later won Otto Froitzheim its sieved title. It is to today record winners the German open. In the year 1939 Hilde sparrow won - crowing angle their sixth title. Between 1940 and 1947 as consequence of the Second World War no championships are delivered.

1948 to 1978

1949 won that meanwhile 39jährige Gottfried of Cramm its sixth and last title. At the age of 45 years it won 1955 its last double title. 1956 found the German open to 50. Times instead of. To this cause the Centre Court was developed on 5.000 places. 1964 were developed the main place again and seized now 8,000 spectators. In the same year it came to the only mark since the Second World War to a purely German final: William Bungert struck Christian Kuhnke in four sentences.

1966 occurred also the German open the era of the professional tennis: Amateurs and professionals are since then equally startingentitled. Since 1969 a offzielles prize money is paid - during first delivering around 17.500 US Dollar was played. After shopkeeper the Grand Prix created 1970 Jack, door ever starting from 1971 with Wimbledon, Paris, Forest Hills and Rome did not find incorporated into the Grand Prix tournaments. For this the championships were shifted into June.

1979 came it to a set of innovations. Most important innovation was a paging of the lady tournament, which was out-played from now on to its own date in Berlin on the plant of the “LTTC red white “ at the dog throat lake.

gentleman tournament starting from 1979

starting from 1979 was organized the gentleman tournament no longer by the steeped in tradition Hamburg tennis Gilde, but of Hamburg tennis federation.

1980 were comprehensively developed the plant at the Rothenbaum; a tournament house developed, the centers Court received an electronic indicating panel and on 9.000 places was developed. With 67.000 visitors the gentleman meeting obtained a new spectator record in the same year. One year later became prize money 75. Anniversary of the tournament on 200.000 US Dollar increases.

Into the 1980ern both tournaments experienced an enormous boom due to successes of Boris Becker , Steffi Graf and Michael pass. 1984 stepped Becker for the first time with the gentleman Mr. on to win could it it never. New spectator records were set up annually; 1989 came altogether 102,000 visitors on the plant; the Centre Court was developed on a capacity by 10.000 spectators. In the same year the DTB shifted its office on the Rothenbaum plant.

1990 exceeded the prize money of the gentleman tournament for the first time the million-market. 1993 became Michael pass first German winner of the tournament since William Bungert. Until 1997 the plant again substantial was removed. For scarcely 10 millions Euro received the Centre Court a capacity from 13.200 places as well as a roof to mobiles. Last the enormous change costs did not bring the German tennis to federation into a precarious financial situation. Beyond that the end of the German tennis boom contributed to a strong decrease of the interest of visitor and the television funds paid for the tournament.

1999 were taken up the gentleman tournament with nine other tournaments to the again-created of Masters Series. 2003 were appointed Boris Becker as the Chairman of the tournament gebeutelten by financial problems.

2006 finds of 13. to 21. May the 100. Open German tennis championships instead of.

lady tournament starting from 1979

since 1979 takes place the tournament of the ladies in Berlin. Beginning of the 1980er could with Bettina Bunge and Claudia Kohde Kilsch two Germans into the winner lists register themselves. Starting from 1986 a further German dominated the tournament with Steffi Graf. Within eleven years won it the tournament altogether nine times and became thereby the Rekordsiegerin of the meeting.

Similarly as the gentleman tournament in Hamburg also the lady tournament experienced an enormous upswing and belonged after that the Grand Slam - tournaments to the most important tennis tournaments of the ladies. Also the plant at the dog throat lake was removed in the middle of the 1990er. The Centre Court seizes since then maximally 7,000 spectators. Its capacity can be variable adapted to the need by mechanically extendable grandstand parts since then.

After the resignation from Steffi Graf the interest of visitors and TV organizations in the tournament decreased/went back strongly, which led to large financial problems for the DTB. After it operated the tournament several years deficit acre, it sold the rights at the meeting 2004 to the Qatar tennis Federation, the tennis federation of Qatar. Since then the tournament firmiert further as “German championship”, however no more by the German federation is organized.


major item: List of the winners of the German open (gentleman single), list of the winners of the German open (lady single)

into the winner list of the gentlemen knew itself and. A. Rod Laver, Gottfried of Cramm, Budge Patty, Fred Stolle, Tony Roche and Roger Federer register. Record winner is German Otto Froitzheim with seven 7 victories.

The lady tournament won and. A. Cilly Aussem, Hilde sparrow, Margaret Smith Court, Chris Evert, Steffi Graf, Monica Seles and Justine Henin Hardenne. Between 1986 and 1996 count won the tournament altogether nine times and is thus Rekordsiegerin.

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