German TV

German TV was a German-language television program for spectators in the USA and in Canada.

It became as community program of pool of broadcasting corporations and Second Channel of German Television, which in each case 40% and the German wave, which contributed 20% to the program, all day (24 hours) radiated. The editorship and the management of German TV were in the house of German wave TV in Berlin.

German TV would send messages and information as well as sport, child transmissions, shows and other maintenance transmissions as well as various films from different ranges.

The program of German TV went in April 2002 on transmission. It was to be received beside the USA also coded in far parts of Canada and Latin America over satellite or cable, so that one had to lock a subscription, in order to see it.

Due to a too low subscription number the enterprise became to 31. December 2005 adjusted. As alternative 1 becomes since that. January 2006 the TV program of the German wave (DW-TV) at the same transmission place radiated.

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