Gerold of Braunmühl

Gerold of Braunmühl (* 15. September 1935 in Breslau; † murders 10. October 1986 in Bonn) was a high-ranking diplomat in the Foreign Office, who was murdered of the RAF.

Gerold of Braunmühl came of an aristocracy sex to Swabian origin. It buildup in Mainz , where it studied law after the Abitur. It completed the first and second state examination and attained a doctorate 1963 to the Dr. jur. In the connection it studied in the specialist area international relations at the John Hopkins university in Bologna (1964 - 1965) as well as in Washington, D.C. (1965 1966) and the Master's Degree reached.

Since 1966 belonged and worked to Braunmühl the foreign service as Attaché of the German message in Washington, 1967 - 1971 he was active in the paper for Germany and Berlin in the Bonn center, where he finally ascended to one of the closest advisors of Minister Hans Dietrich Genscher. 1985 it became responsible as directors/conductors of the political department II for European political co-operation, the WEU and NATO, in addition, for relations with the Eastern Bloc, so that it was in the Foreign Office one of the most influential officials. Braunmühl had relevant portion of the improvement of the relations with the Soviet Union and Poland, which was cooled down since the prohibition of the Polish trade union movement. It was considered as a promising candidate to the office of the undersecretary of state in the Foreign Office.

In the evening 10. October was shot Braunmühl before its domicile in Bonn Ippendorf. In a claim of responsibility a “command Ingrid thrust ore” of the Red Army parliamentary group of the act bezichtigtigte itself.

Braunmühl was married and left two children.


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