Gerry Rafferty

Gerry Rafferty (* 16. April 1947 in Paisley, Scotland) is a British singer and Songwriter.

Toward end of the 1960er years was it first member of the group of The Humblebums, which published two unsuccessful albums, before he created 1972 with Joe Egan and other one the group of Stealers Wheel. This had a Top Ten hit with the single stucco in The Middle With You in the year 1973. Some further titles could not tie to this success. In the year 1975 the group dissolved. Egan and Rafferty continued working as solo artists.

Gerry Rafferty had already 1971 its own album with the title CAN I have my money bakes? published. Internationally successfully it was however only 1978 with the LP town center ton of town center and the single Baker Street inferred from it, which reached world-wide top positions in the Charts and still often in the radio to be heard is. The successor Night Owl could 1979 both and single like also and LP again the British Top Ten reach. All later publications were not so successful any longer.



  • CAN I Have My Money bake? (1971)
  • Town center ton of town center (1978)
  • Night Owl (1979)
  • Snakes and Ladders (1980)
  • Sleepwalking (1981)
  • North and South (1988)
  • on A Wing and A Prayer (1992)
  • Over My Head (1994)
  • Another World (2000)

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