Gertrud Kückelmann

Gertrud Christine Franziska Kückelmann (* 3. January 1929 in Munich; † 17. January 1979 in Munich) was a German stage and film actress as well as a synchronous voice of well-known international actresses.

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Gertrud Kückelmann visited in Munich the school and was trained first as a dancer. As 12-Jährige she was ballet pupil at the Bavarian state opera and played 16jährig on the stage in the “Gestiefelten Kater “. It studies singing and takes play instruction and begins 1949 a commitment of many years with the resident of Munich chamber plays. During its entire life Gertrud Kückelmann stood on the Theaterbühne. It gave innumerable appearances in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Both in classical author roles and in the modern theatre as of Arthur Miller, Oscar savage or Anton Tschechow was it at home. Even after its operation (cancer) 1978 return it again on the Theaterbühne. Their last commitment did not begin it.


your first small Filmrolle receives it in the fairy tale film Hans in the luck 1949. After its second film intoxication of one night (1950) is specified it as so-called naive ones on the role of the unstable girl. Of these Schubladisierung could it in the film business hardly break out. It turned strips at the side of Karl Heinz Böhm and Ivan Desny. When 1956 in Artur Brauners fruit without love the topic of artificial fertilization were taken up and not in the sense of the Christian churches one discussed, Gertrud Kückelmann, which played therein the role of the potential nut/mother, harvested decided protests on the part of these institutions.

Since on it also roles from West Germany were missing, them turned a last film 1957 with the East German DEFA, the gaming house affair. Afterwards their cinema career was finally terminated. Only 1975 played it in a film of its brother Norbert Kückelmann the fear are a second shade again on the canvas. However it acted in several TV-productions.


as a Synchronsprecherin borrowed it among other things Jane Fonda (Nora), Shirley MacLaine (among other things The Appartment, infamous), Virginia Mayo (Venus at the beach), Charlotte Rampling (the condemned ones), Jean Seberg (among other things Lilith) and Jean Simmons (Elmer Gantry, the blue lagoon) its voice.


your nut/mother was an actress Anna Kückelmann. It had a brother named Norbert Kückelmann, which worked later than film director. 1968 married Gertrud Kückelmann the TV-director Fritz shoemaker. After three years the marriage became divorced 1971. 1970 worked it for some months as a Krankenpflegerin. You for 1979 planned commitment at Bernese the city theatre do not start it. To 17. January 1979 commits it in Munich suicide.

films (selection)

  • the Ruepp (1979) (TV)
  • scene - calculation with unknown quantities (1978) (TV)
  • the fear is a second shade (1974)
  • dream novella (1969) (TV)
  • love for love (1967) (TV)
  • Bethanien (1966) (TV)
  • Leonce and Lena (1964) (TV)
  • of travelers without luggage (1963) (TV)
  • the small one lord (1962) (TV)
  • look heimwärts, angels (1961) (TV)
  • gaming house affair (1957)
  • fruit without love (1956)
  • Mozart (1955)
  • the angel with the flame sword (1954)
  • the golden one Plague (1954)
  • music at night (1953)
  • Ms Casanova (1953)
  • house of the life (1952)
  • nut/mother its against it very much (1951)
  • the strange life Mr. Bruggs (1951)
  • of the Hans in the luck (1949)

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