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Singing or singing is predominant contrary to speaking the use of the human voice aligned to sounding and melody production. Singingranks among the art of the music. A singer is a musician, who uses its being correct lips and its tail pipe as music instrument.

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function mode of the Singstimme

The human Singstimme belongs to the Zungenpfeifen (see. Wind instruments and sound); the being correct lips, which between the mobile two sign plates and two casting basin cartilages , represent the place of the tongues , from which there are as with the oboe two ),those together the larynx form, each other facing, easily upward are against each other bent stretched.

Numerous ones muscles cause both a tauter tension and a leaving of the tension of the being correct lips, are it in the whole expansion or only partial; also a Verdickungthe being correct lips like on the other hand a dilution the edges it is possible particularly since the pairs of cartilages can move one on the other too and from each other away, whereby either the depth or the width of the larynx is changed.

A conscious Infunktionsetzen of these or that musclesis not possible; the physiological experiments for the study of the conditions, on which this or that modification of the sound of the people voice develops, are therefore for the practice of singing unfruchtbar and only for the science of interest. Remarkable it is however thatsome women are talented, clearly more highly to sing than even some Koloratur Sopranstimme. During particularly high strain of the being correct lips it comes when singing to the education of a small circular opening in the midst of otherwise together the lying close being correct lips. The high clay/tone singing ability made possible thereby callsone also whistling voice. It is often presented as an alternative kind to whistles. In addition, possibly the talent of singers is based such as Yma Sumac on a perfect control of this kind to sing.

cultural aspects

singing belongs toCulture of all times and peoples and can accompany all life situations. Ritual singing, child song, work song and singing as lecture art are only few examples.

In the western abendländischen music singers and singers according to their being correct situation divided in Sopran, Mezzosopran and alto (Woman voices), as well as Altus, tenor, Bariton and bass (man voices). Singing can be implemented solistisch or in the choir.

Still to in 18. Century, isolates even up to the beginning 20. Century, there were Kastraten, by oneOperation or mutilating their childlike high voice kept, this however with the loss of their procreativeness to pay had. Today men in comparable being correct situation sing as Countertenor, Altus or Sopran with a special technology , to the Falsettieren .

Individual singers andSingers were at all times particularly considered persons of the public life. Examples from the classical singing and the jazz singing are on the list of famous singers and singer of classical music and/or. on the list of jazz singers and - singers.

Other cultures know numerous further forms and techniques of the singing. Examples for this are the Mongolian laryngeal singing and the overtone singing.


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