The sex-ripe

sex-ripe (also: Pubeszenz) is called the part of the Ontogenese of a single nature, if it can reproduce itself the phase of its arising becoming reached and. The process of the development of organs and function carriers in the body is then as far as possible final. For each Vielzeller (Metazoon) lastthe phases differently regard.

The education the sex-ripe is steered particularly by the effects of the thyroid and (by it formed) the hormone Thyroxin. A distance of the thyroid leads to slowed down growth and retards the process the sex-ripe.

It sets those with the male sexTo form production of the sperm, while the female sex is put into the position , a Eizellen and these to deliver when fertilization. In addition the secondary sex characteristics are formed .

From viennaistic perspective the acquisition is the sex-ripe with a multiplicity of the descendants criterion for the existencethe respective phenotypes in the “fight” with comparison individuals.

sex-ripe of humans

the development for the human sex characteristics becomes particularly by Östrogene (with the woman) and by androgens - a most important representative is the Testosteron - (with the man) steered. With defects of the Testosteronrezeptoren orwith damages of the steering nerve centers in the hypothalamus or by Tumore the sex-ripe can finally be missing. With a hyperactivity of the hormone glands, which a superelevated payment from Gonadotropinen has to the consequence, the sex-ripe can occur already in former times (so-called. Pubertas praecox).

With humans this phase becomes those Puberty mentioned.

Apart from the internal development also express and audible changes occur, e.g. the being correct break with boys and the beginning of the beard stature and/or. the growth of the female chest.


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