as squadrons (franz. Escadre, ital. Squadra, dt. “Gevierthaufen”) one designates military federations at Air Force and navy.

air forces

at the Air Force are marked with squadron usually flying formations. Hierarchically they are comparable to the regiments of the army andby a Geschwaderkommodore in the rank Colonels are led. Squadrons divide themselves further in (supporting and flying) groups (battalions), these again in relays (companies). The squadrons of Luftwaffe have today beside supporting groups like the group of air bases only oneflying group with i.d.R. two flying relays too in each case up to 24 airplanes. These units become i.d.R. of a squadron commander in the rank of a major led. The kind and number of relays can vary according to kind of the squadron. The former air defense rocket regiments and battalions of the Air Force leadfor some years likewise the designation “squadron” and/or. “Group”.

naval forces

at the German navy is a squadron a summary from several homogeneous warships to a combat force on regiment or battalion level. Also for an employment arranged federations from different units become generallyLinguistic usage as squadrons designates.Naval pilot squadrons essentially correspond to the squadrons of the Air Force.

In the imperial navy and foreign marine ones of the time at that time one understood a federation by a squadron about capital ships, thus lines - or battle ships or an independent federation as for instance the Eastern Asia squadron. In France and Italy the German rank Vice Admiral is called this very day „Vice Amiral d'Escadre “and/or. „Ammiraglio di Squadra “(literally: „Squadron admiral “).


give there were ground forces in many armies partially. still the name Schwadron or Eskadron for Kavallerie - and/or. Tank unit units on company level.Depending upon branch of service the designation can change: at the infantry it reads company, with the artillery reads itself battery and with the Kavallerie and/or. their successors Schwadron. At some air forces with unbroken tradition the name for relay from the Kavallerie was taken over. Inanglo-saxon area the relay is called Squadron, what in no case with a squadron (Wing, and. And. also Group) to be confounded should.


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