Face veil

close-up of a forest ear owl with clear to recognizing face veil and Federohren

of the face veils is a substantial distinguishing feature of owls. As face veil thereby the kranzförmige verge of the front owl head is designated by rigid, particularly formed feathers/springs. They strengthen and steer the acoustic waves toward the ears. The internal veil covered thereby the hearing entrance and lies over the outside veil, which is a second and larger feather/spring ring. It forms the rear edge of the side of the head and can differently than the internal face veil be deformed.

Together with the Federohren, which has no influence on the hearing achievement of the owls, the face veil plays a special role in the social and enemy behavior, since the owl thereby can signal also their tendency.

With many kinds of owl the veil is taken off by a clear contrast design from the remaining plumage colouring. With the veil owl was it even named-giving. With other kinds of owl as for example the eagle owl is optically not so strongly taken off it.

The same owl in more camouflaging “stake attitude” - the face veil works now stretched

face veil arises also with other kinds of bird. So for example the Kakapo of New Zealand , which is threatened by becoming extinct, has likewise a remarkable Gesichtsbefiederung, which one called face veil. Whether this likewise serves the hearing achievement for the reinforcement, is not yet sufficiently examined.


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