organization is a creative work process, with which by interferences of the arranging into its environment a thing (a material object, a structure, a process, ideas etc.) is changed, i.e. provided, modified or developed and thus a certain form or a certain appearance is lentgets or assumes.

  1. Organization in the broadest sense marks a conscious interference into the environment with the goal of changing these in a certain direction. In this broad sense to it also the organization of indirectly noticeable one counts, e.g. beside aesthetic organization of directly perceptible one (see below). Life organization, personality organization, politics as organization of the social structures and processes, etc.
  2. Organization strictly speaking means the conscious, changing influencing control on the aesthetic feature of things or connections, thus on directly sinnlich perceptible phenomena (like areas, objects, actions, movement etc.). Examples are thoseRanges of the art, as well as the different Design ranges as organization of products, diagram, mode, architecture etc. or the individual body organization or surrounding field organization.

Special meaning is attached to the term in the context of the Design. Here the second meaning is usually meant with organization.Different beginnings exist for appropriate designing, depending on whether one approaches the topic functionally, formally or outgoing from material and construction. (see functionalism, shaping, styling, decoration, etc.). Some universities call the appropriate specialist area even “organization”, around the colloquially narrowingTo avoid association of Design in the sense from styling to.

The term becomes in both above mentioned. Meanings also within the range of the forming art as well as the applied and representing art uses. In the art the organization usually results in argument with Realtität, the insideand outside reality, the subjective and objective, etc. Art objects try to create reality to illustrate to express or to strangers to irritate it tried in question to place or intervene, etc. Particularly in the art for the 60's is the further organization term than part of theextended art term far spreads (Beuys, action art, concept art).

Also the object of the process of the organization, which creation, called organization.

The pertinent career profile is the Gestalter or designer, and/or. within the range of architecture the architect, courses of studies at universitiesor professional schools. Usual course of studies designations are e.g. in the range Design.Industrial Design, industrial design or communication Design (also: Visual communication, diagram Design, medium Design, older: Gebrauchsgrafik).

In German the term organization is displaced increasingly by the English word Design.

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