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the word Geta (jap. 下駄) Japanese Clogs ( Holzschuhe) designates together with traditional clothes like for example the Kimono being carried. Typically for Geta the high are soles, which held the foot for the Japanese in culture, which always immaculateness regarded as high virtue, in earlier time distance from the Unrat on the road.

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appearance & structure

on the wooden foot bed (台 dai, literally: Conditions) are fastened in such a way a belt that it, between the first and second toe upward and from there to the right and left down led, provides stop in the foot bed for the foot. The foot bed rests on a usually split, likewise wooden sole (similar sole and paragraph with western footwear), which are designated in the Japanese with 歯 (hectar, teeth). The feet of the carrier are to be taken off from the ground and be protected by the high sole in such a way against mud and Unrat, which lay about in former times on the roads.

spreading & meaning

nowadays are carried Geta most frequently to traditional causes as well as the Yukata and by Sumo - for fighters. A characteristic of the shoe is it that one hears it usually, before one sees him. The wooden footwear gives a typical clicking of itself with each step of the carrier. Sometimes it is maintained that it is this noise, which older Japanese in the modern life at most miss. On the other side it is the noise, which will miss each Sumo fighter to few, since carrying of Geta is obligating only in the two lowest leagues.

Geta in the linguistic usage

a Japanese proverb says: One does not know it, before one did not carry Geta. This phrase is used in the meaning that one cannot know the exit of a match before its end. Because carrying of Geta lets a person appear larger due to the high sole, Geta has to carry a transferred meaning: One uses it over to express that somewhat larger or more extensive appears, than it is real with more exact view.

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