Gezahegne Abera

Gezahegne Abera (* 23. April 1978 in Ethiopia) won the gold medal as a marathoner with the olympic plays 2000 in Sydney. 2001 he became world champion in Edmonton and is thereby the so far only marathoner, who was simultaneous olympia winner and world champion. Its Bestzeit lies with 2:07: 54, run 1999 in the Marathon of Fukuoka.

Abera grew up with 7 brothers and sisters in the small village Etya in the province Arsi. From there most of the äthopischen marathoners come. In order to secure the family income, Abera already worked in recent years on the farm of its father. The way to school of 25 km, which it ran daily barefoot, was the early basis for its later career than marathoners. Due to its large sporty successes it brought it to large wealth and is like that model for numerous young Leichtathleten in Ethiopia, for which sport represents the fastest way out of the poverty.

Gezahegne Abera is since 8. June 2003 marries with Elfenesh Alemu, which is likewise one the best äthopischen March hone runner inside. The wedding of the national hero Abera was celebrated pompös with 25.000 participants. The Schleppe, which carried Alemu during the wedding ceremony, had a length of 500 m and was thereby the longest of the world.

2004 were for a long time hurt Abera and could not not participate in the olympic plays 2004 in Athens. Its wife Elfeneseh Alemu became with the olympic Frauenmarathon in Athens unfortunate fourth.

largest one sporty successes

1999 Stadtmarathon Fukuoka 1. Place 02:07: 54
1999 Stadtmarathon Los Angeles 4. Place 02:12: 59
1999 world championship Sevilla 11. Place 02:16: 42
2000 Stadtmarathon Fukuoka 5. Place 02:09: 45
2000 Stadtmarathon bad clay/tone 2. Place 02:09: 47
2000 olympic summer games Sydney 1. Place 02:10: 11
2001 world championship Edmonton 1. Place 02:12: 42
2001 Stadtmarathon Fukuoka 1. Place 02:09: 25
2002 Stadtmarathon Fukuoka 1. Place 02:09: 13
2003 Stadtmarathon London 1. Place 02:07: 56

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