Giacinto Scelsi

Giacinto Scelsi (* 8. January 1905 on the family lock of the family Scelsi with La Spezia, Italy; † 9. August 1988 in Rome; complete title and name: Conte Giacinto Francesco Maria Scelsi d'Ayala Valva) was an Italian composer and poet.

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Giacinto Scelsi, count of d'Ayala Valva, originated from old southItalian aristocracy. Its early years are only in fragments well-known. As a child it (probably auto+didactically ) learned piano to play, in its late youth studied it composition and harmony teachings with Giacinto Sallustio in Rome. In the second half of the 1920er years went it to Paris, led the life of a Dandys in Paris and London, married an English aristocrat from the relationship of the English king house, which separated with outbreak of the Second World War from it. It had close contact for the circle of the French Surrealisten around Paul Eluard, Salvador Dalí and Henri Michaux. Beginning of the 1930er years studied it with the Skrjabin - trailer Egon charcoal burner in Geneva and 1935/36 twelve-audio engineering with the beautiful mountain - pupil walter small in Vienna. It undertook numerous journeys, among other things to Africa and the far east.

In the second half of the 1940er years began with Scelsi a psychological crisis, which led to a longer stay in a Swiss sanatorium. In the time between 1947 and 1952 he stopped a composing. 1952 it established finally in Rome, its work strength returned itself. Now, in order the fünfzigste Lebensjahr, he began to develop its personal style. It lived withdrawn, its music found first little public attention. Only into the 1980er years came it vemehrt to performances, it used now an active Rezeption and discussion of its music.


Scelsi was trailer of the Reinkarnationslehre, for it began its life according to for a long time 1905 ago. According to own data it became first times in the year 2637 v. Chr. in Mesopotamien born, lived as Assyrer at the Euphrates and together with his wife at that time at the age of 27 years one killed. It dated a second Reinkarnation on the time Alexanders of the large one, on the occasion of whose funeral it wants to have participated in a funeral music.


Scelsi created a very self-willed work, which does not fit into the contemporaneous currents of the modern trend. Its compositions contradict the European tradition of a composition practice, which on clear author shank is based, and they are based neither on traditional sentence techniques nor they possess a proximity to concepts of the musical modern trend. For its compositions Scelsis argument with eastern philosophies is influential (in particular India). Scelsi particularly acquired a relatively high admitting heating degree into the 1980ern in France and Germany.

works (selection)

  • Action music No. 1. Piano cycle (1955)
  • Tre Pezzi. (1956)
  • Quatro Pezzi CSU una sola nota. (Four pieces over only one note) for orchestras (1959)
  • Aion. the divinity Brahma dedicated orchestra work (1960)
  • Uaxuctum. Composition for orchestra (the title refers to those the legend after from the Mayas themselves destroyed city)

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