Giacomo Carissimi

Giacomo Carissimi

Giacomo Carissimi (* 1605 in Marino with Rome; † 1674 in Rome) were an Italian composer.

Carissimi became a 1624 Kapellmeister in Assisi and 1628 at the pc. Apollinaris church of the Collegium Germanicum in Rome. In this rather modest position Carissimi unfolded a thorough re-organization nearly all fan of the contemporary music.

By Carissimi received since beginning the 17. Century using reform movement of the Italian music their first conclusion. It formed the lay Kantate, the air and also the Duett in a so skillful way that the whole further development of these forms dealt with its ideas. In particular this applies to the Rezitativ. Also to that choirs lent Carissimi an increased expression ability.

Main earnings/services of the composer remain that it tried to impress also this new style to the church music. For this it composed a row histories in Kantatenform. Here connected yourself the accompanied solo singing with expression-strong choirs. Thus it invented the later Biblical Oratorium. One its pupil was probably Alessandro Scarlatti.

works (selection)

  • Oratorien
    • Jephta
    • Baltazar
    • Jonas
    • Judicium Salomonis
  • of acre cantandi. into German over. (Augsburg 1696) a guidance for the singing art


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