Gianluigi Buffon

Gianluigi Buffon (* 28. January 1978 in Carrara) is an Italian football player. 2003 and 2004 he was gekürt to the best goal keeper of the world.

Buffon is considered generally as one the best however goal keeper of the world most expensive in each case. From earliest youth it was considered as safe support of its crew. Its series A - it carried out debut in November 1995 at the age of 17 years with the AC Parma (today fiber plastic Parma) against the AC Milan, where it reached with its crew a respectable 0:0. It lasted thereupon are not enough, before it displaced the Luca Bucci playing up to then in the gate and master goal keeper became. Fast it became also the undisputed support in the U21-Fussballnationalmannschaft and nam with this at the U21-EM 1996 part. At the age of 20 years it debüttierte at „the large “national team, to 29. October 1997 in a friendship game against Russia, where it substituted the hurt Gianluca Pagliuca. With the WM 98 it belonged to the cadre „of the Azzurri “, was not used however not.

In the following years Buffon was promoted to an excellent goal keeper and was responsible for large parts of the success of the AC Parma in the year 1998/ 99. To the EM 2000 it ascended to the master goal keeper of the national team, could not not participate however in the final round due to a broken thumb. Its alleged substitute Francesco Toldo showed there however also a good achievement and made for him the position in the gate contentious. It could succeed in the consequence nevertheless and is to today the unquestioned number one in the Italian gate.

The season 2000/01 he spent and deflected further in Parma million-offers of European large clubs. Only in the summer 2001 it changed for 52,29 million euro to the Juventus Turin (source: [1]), until today the most expensive transfer of a goal keeper in football history, where it should begin the follow-up of the not convincing Edwin van the Sar. Its first season in Turin was rather moderately, fast increased it however and became a safe support in the crew.

In March 2004 it was counted from Pelé to the 125 best football players.

To 14. August 2005 it suffered in the preparation play Juventus Turin - AC Milan in the context of the Trofeo Berlusconi a heavy shoulder injury with a collision with Kaká and failed several months, in this time represented it the Christian Abbiati in the gate of Juventus, on loan come.

To 26. Play day of the series of A (05/06) played Buffon again also, since it had recovered from its injury. In the League replay against arsenal London „Gigi played champions “its 50. Europacupspiel for Juventus.

It is associated with the Czech Model Alena Seredova.


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