Flagge Gibraltars
office language English
capital Gibraltar (city)
status British crowning colony, part of the European Union
head of state Elizabeth II.
Governor Sir Francis Richards
surface 6.5 km ²
number of inhabitants 27,884 (conditions 2005)
population density of 4,290 inhabitants per km ²
currency Gibraltar Pound
of time belt UTC +1 (MEZ)
Kfz characteristics GBZ
Internet TLD .gi
preselection +350
Karte Gibraltars

Gibraltar is a limestone rock, which projects at the south point of the iberischen peninsula in the sea. (Despite situation in Europe) as British overseas territories belong to the united Kingdom of Great Britain andNorthern Ireland.

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Gibraltar is because of thatNorth side of the meeresstrasse of the same name, because of which Europe and Africa are most closely together. The border between Gibraltar and Spain is the shortest of the world.

The rock rising at the eastern side steeply from the sea (Upper skirt) falls already offar over the bay of Algeciras in the eye. The pervasive apes, the Tropfsteinhöhle pc. Michael's Cave and in rock the struck defenses of the FE storage of 1779-1783 (victories of tunnel) are the routistic main attractions.

The city Gibraltar extendson the narrow strip of the west side, where the rock drops flatter to the sea. At the south point rock, Europe POINT, stands the 1841 opened lighthouse of Gibraltar.

Straße von Gibraltar; Aufnahme der NASA
Road of Gibraltar; Admission of NASA
view of the bay and roadfrom Gibraltar
border crossing between Spain and Gibraltar
Gibraltar und das spanische Festland
Gibraltar and the Spanish mainland
Am "Affenfelsen"
to “ape rock”
map of the Vorgebirges of Gibraltar
Innenstadt von Gibraltar
city center of Gibraltar


Gibraltar is the only place in Europe, where ape (animal species: Berberaffe or silvanus) , free-living seem to Magot, Macaca. Therefore one calls Gibraltar also „ape rock “.

The original origin of these animals is clarified, it from Morocco von Menschen was probably introduced sometime not accurately. However Berberaffen were in former times also inSouth and Central Europe domestic, the apes of Gibraltar could thus quite descend from European ancestors.

Eine Legende besagt, dass die britische Herrschaft in Gibraltar beendet sein wird, sobald der letzte Affe den Felsen verlassen hat. Background of this legend is oneHistory from the time of the FE storage of Gibraltar from 1779 to 1783 (during the American war of independence): At that time the Englishmen are to have been warned by the animals before a night attack of the Spaniards and Frenchmen. The British prime minister vienna clay/tone Churchill left Berberaffenfrom Morocco import, in order to strengthen the ape trunk probably which is ailing because of in-breeding again, with success.


Klimadiagramm von Gibraltar
climatic diagram of Gibraltar


the life expectancy of the inhabitants is at 79.67 years, the child number of deaths with 0,513%(2005/Bauer).


in the antiquity was Gibraltar one of the columns of the Herakles. 711 Gibraltar was taken by the Muslim Arabs and Berbern. The name Gibraltar originates from the Arab one (Dschebel aluminium-Tarik „mountain of the Tarik “), after Tāriq ibn Ziyād, a maurischen field gentleman, who recognized there the strategic meaning of Gibraltar and a fortress let establish. The Muslims controlled Gibraltar up to the Reconquista 1492 (from 1309 to 1333 for the first time kastilisch).

To 4. August 1704 became Gibraltar ofthe Britisher in the Spanish succession war conquers. The Spanish crew did not become thereby in modification of military tactics in the morning-grey, but while the Siesta surprises in the afternoon. 1713 were awarded the area in the contract by Utrecht formally to the Britisher and are since 1730 British crowning colony.

The armed forces already planned with first operation draft of 20. August 1940 of the conquest of the base in the Second World War. The operation (pseudonym Felix) accomplished, there Franco remained neutral however never and Adolf Hitler to7. December 1940 therefore did without.

In Gibraltar about 28,800 inhabitants live. For a long time it comes to tensions between that combined kingdom and Spain, because Spain would like to regain the sovereignty over Gibraltar. The border to Spain was from 1969 to 1985 closed. Spain may not be approached until today from Gibraltar.

With a referendum to 7. November 2002 (election turnout: nearly 90%) tuned 99% of the co-ordinations for whereabouts under British rule. Only 187 inhabitants were for onedivided sovereignty.

The road of Gibraltar, which connects the Mediterranean with the Atlantic, is for the military of strategic importance. The united kingdom maintains a fleet base in Gibraltar.

Lately however nevertheless a common administration becomes throughSpain and united kingdom angedacht. In the meantime furnished neutral zone between Spain and Gibraltar was again dissolved.


relationship to the united Kingdom of

Gibraltar are a crowning colony of the united kingdom. It has a its ownGovernment, that fulfills the tasks of the autonomy. It covers all ranges except defense, foreign policy and internal security, which are taken over by the united kingdom. Head of state is the British queen, who is represented in Gibraltar by a governor. The governor is simultaneousthe commander in chief of the army and the police. The momentarily officiating governor, Sir Francis Richards, was appointed 2003.

political system

the population of Gibraltar selects itself a fünfzehnköpfiges parliament (House OF assembly), only from delegates of the twostrongest parties builds up: The party with most voices gets eight seat in parlament, which receives „best losers “to of them sieves. Thus there is a coalition and the government party never often changes. The leader of the majority parliamentary group becomes from the governor to the head of the government (Chief Minister)appointed. Except the Chief Minister still consists the executive of the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Justice. At present is Peter Caruana of Gibraltar Social Democrats (GSD) Chief Minister. He was selected 1996 and red-elect 2000 and 2003. Gibraltar SocialistLabour party (GSLP) is in the opposition. Both parties are for of Gibraltar self-government and refuse making agreements with Spain whereby the GSLP is traditionally more radical.

status within the European Union

Gibraltar is part of the European union. From view of the European Union the inhabitants are of the kingdom united by Gibraltar citizens. There are however some specific exceptions:

In the year 2003 the inhabitants of Gibraltar received act by the European Parliament (Representation) 2003 the right to vote for the European parliament. Gibraltar belongs with the European elections to the choice area southwest England, which sieveRepresentative to Strasbourg sends. With the elections in June 57.5% of Gibraltar noticed 2004 the their new right entitled to vote.


the runway of the airport in Gibraltar is crossed by a public road, those with flying operation alsoa barrier one locks off. The road is the only connection from the mainland to the peninsula.

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coordinates: 36° 8 ' 18 " N, 5° 21 ' 12 " W


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