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Lage in Deutschland
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Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Upper Franconia
district: District Bamberg
municipality: Schesslitz
inhabitant: -
Height: 530 m and. NN
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Lage der Stadt Scheßlitz im Landkreis Bamberg
Situation of the city Schesslitz in the district Bamberg

the Giechburg is a castle ruin in the area of the city Schesslitz in the district Bamberg. She was mentioned 1125 , had been however at this time long existed documentary for the first time obviously.

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in the year 1430 the castle by the Hussiten one destroyed, by prince bishop Anton von Rotenhan soon thereafter again one developed. 1525 were it in the German farmer war by insurgent farmers into fire and were strongly damaged 1553 in the so-called Mark count war by Mark count Albrecht Alcibiades. Around the year 1600 the Giechburg was let new arrange by prince bishop Johann Philipp of Gebsattel. This development had the consequence that the castle in the dreissigjährigen war could not be taken.

That the castle became the ruin nevertheless, debt of the Bavarian building supervisor von Hohenhausen is, that it in 19. Century by taking the roofs off into one „pictorial ruin “to transform left. After long decay 1971 the district Bamberg the Giechburg bought and made it 1974 again to the public accessible.

On the tower of the Bamberger old person castle hangs an iron basket, which was used in former times for the transmission by fire signals to the 20 kilometers by Bamberg removed Giechburg.


1125 first documentary mention one „will stem rather homo de Gieche “(William, suitor of Giech)
1134 transmission on William stepdaughter Adela and their married man count Reginboto
1142 Reginbotos daughter bequeaths the castle to the high pin Bamberg. Her man, count Popo von Andechs, refuses however publication.
1260 after the meranischen succession war go the Giechburg as Bamberger Lehen to the Truhendinger.
1390 the Bamberger prince bishop Lampert von Brun buys vomit on Giech. The Giechburg becomes Bamberger office castle.
1430 in the Hussitenkrieg are down-burned the Giechburg and developed later by prince bishop Anton von Rotenhan again.
1525 destruction of the Giechburg in the farmer war.
1553 destruction of the Giechburg in the second Mark count war
1602 - 1609 development to the castle fortress by prince bishop Johann Philipp of Gebsattel
1808 transition to the Bavarian state and conversion into a ruin by agriculture supervisor von Hohenhausen
1819 purchase of the Giechburg by Hermann count von Giech
1971 purchase of the Giechburg by the district Bamberg

quotation from a travel guide early 20. Century

in its travel guide over Bamberg and environment from the time around the year 1912 the author Dietrich Amende describes also the city Schesslitz:

“Direct south of Schesslitz rises the powerful ruin of the lock Giech. The elongated window row, by which the blue sky seems now, and to which enormous donjon tell the former strength of the castle destroyed in the Hussitenkriege. Of the lock yard (restaurant operator/barkeeper shank) wonderful panorama. Directly north of Giech, at rock leaned, the interesting fastened church Gügel lies. “

quotes from Dr. Dietrich Amende: Bamberg and the Franconia country. Bamberg o. J. (around 1912)

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