Gig Young

Gig Young (actually Byron Elsworth Barr; * 4. November 1913 in pc. Cloud, Minnesota, the USA; † 19. October 1978 in New York town center) was an US-American actor.

Admits became Young in many cinema - and TV - roles as a usually love-worth and good-looking character actor. It began its career into the 1940er - harvested years and after ten years without remarkable roles 1951 with its achievement in the alcoholic - drama Come Fill the Cup (with James Cagney) first OSCAR - a nominating as best Nebendarsteller. The topic of the film was Young trusts, since it tried to compensate its lack to self-confident its and its frustrations over it artistically not satisfying career with alcohol and numerous affairs.

1958 led its role in the comedy reporter of the love (Teacher's Pet) (with Doris Day and Clark Gable) to a further OSCAR nominating than best Nebendarsteller. Also this success led only to similar roles, however not to the break-through. Youngs career stagnated, while its personal problems increased.

1969 became him finally for the Nebenrolle of the scruplesless ceremony master of a dance Marathons in the bitter film only horses gives one the grace shot (They Shoot Horses, Don't They?) (with Jane Fonda) the OSCAR and that golden Globe lent. But after these honors only few appearances in usually secondary films followed for Young. 1974 occupied it Mel Brooks for a main role in the Westernparodie the wild wild west (Blazing Saddles), replaced it however because of unreliability after few turning days by genes of savages.

Gig Young was five times married, among other things with the colleagues Elaine Williams (with which it had a daughter) and Elizabeth Montgomery. To 27. September 1978 he married more than thirty years younger German actress Kim Schmidt. Later Gig Young in its New Yorker Appartment its wife and shot itself three weeks.

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