Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers, actually Virginia Katherine McMath, (* 16. July 1911 in Independence, Missouri, the USA, † 25. April 1995 in Rancho Mirage, California) was an US-American actress, who became famous as Tanzpartnerin of Fred Astaire (Ginger & Fred).


the daughter of the film script authoress Lela Rogers appeared already at the age of 14 years as a dancer in Vaudeville - to shows and accepted soon thereafter roles in musical in New York . Their first film experience made it with a short appearance in Campus Sweethearts (1929).

By their success as female main role in Broadway - musical Girl Crazy became Paramount on it attentively and took it under contract. Thus it arose until 1933 in different films, until it met tons of Rio in the musical Carioca/Flying down on Fred Astaire. The two became a popular bottom plate and were 1936 at place 3 of the kassenträchtigsten actors in America.

Ginger tried early not to commit itself to the image as Partnerin of Astaire. They let their talent for easy comedies become therefore rapid one the largest star of its Studios RKO. 1938 turned it together with Katherine Hepburn in the film of steam turbine and gas turbine systems Door, for which she received distinguished criticisms. 1939 had it one of their largest successes with the strip Bachelor MON ago.

Dissatisfied with the usually light film scripts it required increasingly ersthaftere roles. For the achievement in the drama Ms Kitty /Kitty Foyle received it for general surprise a OSCAR.

Up to the end of the 40's she was a successful actress with according to high fees. Among its more well-known roles the filming briefly of the Weill of musical lady ranked into the Dark of 1944 as well as Weekend RK The whale village, a Remake of humans in the hotel /Grand hotel from the year 1945, where it took over the role of Greta Garbo.

1949 replaced it the Judy country gotten sick and played a last mark with Fred Astaire together in the strip The Barkleys OF Broadway.

Rogers concentrated therefore also increasingly on the theatre, with which she felt still connected. Only in the year 1984 she explained her retreat from the Showgeschäft. 1991 published it their Autobiografie under the title Ginger, My story. Four years later it died at the age of 83 years.

Ginger Rogers was married five times.

films (excerpt)

  • 1933 - Carioca (Flying down tons of Rio)
  • 1934 - dance with me! (The Gay Divorcee)
  • 1935 - Top has
  • 1937 - stage entrance (steam turbine and gas turbine systems Door)
  • 1939 - the Findelmutter (Bachelor MON ago)
  • 1940 - Ms Kitty (Kitty Foyle)
  • 1942 - Roxie hard
  • 1945 - I will not see you again (I'll Seeing You)
  • 1946 - the marvelous doll (Magnificent Doll)
  • 1947 - It Had ton You
  • 1950 - murder thing - love (Perfect Strangers)
  • 1952 - favourite, I becomes younger (Monkey Business)
  • 1954 - money make ( Beautiful Stranger) 1964
  • lucky - marry me, Gauner! (The Confession)
  • 1965 - Harlow

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