Giovanni Zarrella

Giovanni Zarrella (* 4. March 1978 in Hechingen) is an Italian Popsänger and moderator. Admits became it 2001 as a singer of the group Bro'Sis.
Giovanni mit seiner Frau Jana Ina
Giovanni with his Mrs. Jana Ina

Giovanni Zarella forms the volume Bro'Sis, which followed from the second relay of the Casting show Popstars together with Hila Bronstein, Shaham Joyce, Ross Antony and Faiz Kevin Mangat, from whose first relay the NO Angels rose.

Already in recent years of recognized Giovanni parents, who operate an Italian Pizzeria in Hechingen, its musical talent and made piano and organ instruction for it possible. With 15 then also singing instruction was added. With 16 it created its first volume „Brotherhood “. After the specialized Abitur teachings took place to the IT-buyer in the computer industry. Afterwards Giovanni changed into the selling of Hugo Boss.

In the autumn 2001 it became by the Casting - series „Popstars “a volume member of „Bro'Sis “.

Afterwards it became acquainted with the Brazilian Model Jana Ina and to love, which it to 30. August 2005 civil married. The church wedding found in the pc. Matte house church in bath Sobernheim (to the close one) instead of.

For the moment Giovanni works on his first musical solo project. Its first solo single ticket ton the moon comes in April raus. Its album follows one month later.

Giovanni moderates to time with the DSF the youth magazine “Bravo sport TV”. Together with his Mrs. Jana Ina it turned the Doku Soap “Just for the pro filter transmission “taff” married! - Freshness marries!” those the everyday life of the new Promi married couple in 10 consequences very closely represents. The Soap was extended to a further relay and runs to time on pro 7.

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