Giovanni there Verrazano

Giovanni there Verrazzano

Giovanni there Verrazano (* 1485 close Val di Greve; † 1528 on the Antilleses) were an Italian sailor and discoverer.

In the year 1485 it was born on the castle of its family, “Castello Verrazzano”, south of Florenz. 1524 assigned the French king Franz I. Giovanni there Verranzano with the search for a northern passage to Asia. On board the “Dauphine” it explored some the most well-known coastal formations of North America. Among them is also the New York Bay. After it among other things the Verrazano Narrows Bridge is in New York and the Jamestown Verrazano Bridge in Rhode Island designated.

discovery journeys

in the year 1524 it became by king Franz I. sent by France, in order to search in the region between Florida and Newfoundland for a route toward Pacific. It achieved the American continent at the 1. March in close proximity to Cape Fear, today convenient in the Federal State North Carolina. From here on segelte it further toward the north, first along the Outer bank. Here it believed with the today's Pamlico sound a connection to the Pacific ocean to have found. This led to the fact that during one period continent connected of nearly one hundred years North America on maps as split, only of a thin land bridge appeared.

1524 during its journey

it went to route of the discovery journey frequently ashore and looked for the contact to Indians. Although that passed the delta of the late Chesapeake Bay bay mentioned, he investigated her not and did not note also her existence. According to its recordings segelte it thereupon along the coast later new jersey toward Lower New York Bay. It anchored designated water way between Long Iceland and Staten Iceland in that today as Narrows. He discovered also the Upper New York Bay between Staten Iceland and Manhattan as well as the Hudson River, which is designated after Henry Hudson, it 1609 as a first European investigated.

Of the bay from New York segelte Verrazano further along the coast of Long Iceland, discovered block Iceland and Narragansett Bay in the today's Rhode Island. It continued to drive along the coast, arrived finally after Maine and touched also the coast of new Scotland, in order to return via Newfoundland to France.

Verrazano undertook two further journeys to America. First led it and others to Brazil. On the way there its crew meuterte and tried it to the return to France to force. Due to the missing knowledge of the Meuterer within the range navigation it succeeded to it however nevertheless to reach Brazil. From there it brought blue wood also, which gave after the return a considerable profit to it and its supporters. From its third journey it did not return. The cause of its death in the year 1528 is still unclear into the today's time. The most common acceptance is that it was killed on the island Guadeloupe, which belongs to the small Antilleses by kannibalischen Indians and fed under the eyes of its crew. According to other sources he was taken prisoner by the Spanieren and executed in Cádiz than Pirat at the strand.

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