Giovanni di Lorenzo

Giovanni di Lorenzo (* 9. March 1959 in Stockholm) is German - an Italian journalist, co-editor of the daily mirror, editor-in-chief of the weekly paper the TIME and Talkshow moderator.

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Di Lorenzo as a son of a German and an Italian, visited the advice High School and the Tellkampfschule in Hanover was born and studied at the Ludwig Maximilians university Munich communication science, new history and politics.

Its journalistic activity beganit from 1979 to 1982 during the hannoverschen daily paper new one press.

Di Lorenzo in live ones from the Alabama, the weekly youth magazine of the Bavarian broadcast attained first experiences on the television. Starting from March 1984 it supplemented the moderator team thatTransmission and was distinguished 1986 together with its colleagues for a transmission over AIDS with the Adolf Grimme price. Since 1989 are moderated the television Talkshow 3 after 9 by it with.

In May 1987 di Lorenzo member of the editorship relating to domestic affairs became that South German newspaper, page three reserved by May 1994 to end of 1998 department leaders of the reports. It changed at the beginning of of 1999 as an editor-in-chief to citizens of Berlin the daily paper of the daily mirrors. Since 15. August 2004 he is editor-in-chief likewise with that Group of publishing houses of Holtzbrinck appearing weekly paper the TIME and in addition one from at present two publishers of the daily mirror.

1992 organized di Lorenzo the first German candlelight demonstrations against Xenophobie under the slogan Munich - a city says no.


Di Lorenzos erster Zeitungsartikel erschien unter dem Pseudonym Hans Lorentz, da der verantwortliche Redakteur di Lorenzos Namen für einen Künstlernamen hielt und dieser ihm zu phantasievoll erschien.

1987 it turned the transmission row off of “letters for the Bavarian broadcastItaly " with which it in the change with Aviva Ronnefeld on Italian small desert reported.

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