Girolamo Frescobaldi

Girolamo Frescobaldi (* 9. September 1583 in Ferrara; † 1. March 1643 in Rome) was an important Italian composer and organist of the baroque.

The famous Italian musician worked after a short time in the Netherlandsin its homeland as singers, organist and Cembalist. Already 1608, at the age of 25 years, he became organist of the Peter church in Rome. 1615 it was long one year organist in Mantua and from 1628 to 1633 in Florenz.In the Peter cathedral to Rome Frescobaldi must have celebrated true triumphs, with each of its concerts is thousands listeners together to have come.

In its Toccaten, Kanzonen, Ricercari and variations gathering molds of the Suite , those developed its pupil Johann Jakob Frobergerlater reformed. Many German organists pilgerten to Rome, in order to learn with it. Frescobaldi is particularly well-known for its compositions for key instruments like the Orgeltoccaten. It wrote however also Ricercari, CAN zones, Capricci for organ and Cembalo, because of their“Were admired far away affect art”.

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