Gisela Uhlen

Gisela Uhlen eigentl. Gisela Friedlinde fright (* 16. May 1919 in Leipzig) is a German actress.

Gisela Uhlen is the niece of the dämonischen silent movie star max fright. With this family history and a father, which were an opera singer, the young Gisela Uhlen on very natural way to the play came. It did not only have already as five-year dance instruction with Mary Wigman and 1936 participated it in its first UFA - film, but received also their first theatre commitment at the Schauspielhaus Bochum under the legendary director Saladin Schmitt.

The young actress had large success with her first films and became fast very popular. After the Second World War it played first theatres. Their films could not tie no more to UFA successes. She was to be seen frequent also in boulevard comedies. Into the 1960er years played it into the Edgar Wallace - films and into the 1970er it even the young German author film discovered years.

Late popularity reached it by the success of the TV serial forestry house Falkenau at the beginning of the 1990er years. In addition it was regular guest in crime film series such as Derrick.

Gisela Uhlen was six times married. With the actor Wolfgang Kieling has it a daughter: Susanne Uhlen, *17.01.1955 likewise actress. With that it has the 1993 deceased director Hans Bertram likewise a daughter (Barbara Bertram), who became likewise an actress.


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