Gitti and Erika

Gitti and Erika and/or. Gitti and Erica are a German singing duo in the area of the hit and the folk music, which admits the 1970er for years is. The duo gave it in two different occupations. Both singers were and/or. are alsosolistisch actively.

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first occupation

the two sisters Gitti, civil: Brigitte Goetz (* 17. January 1958 in upper castle at the Main) and Erica MariaBruhn geb. Goetz (* 17. ) Already early Karoline instruction in guitar and accordion got July 1956 in upper castle at the Main together with their sister.

In May 1972 the two were discovered with the broadcast competition “contest after notes” by Dieter Thomas's tail. Christian Bruhn becameon it attentively and the duo took under its wings.1975 got Gitti & Erica a disk contract with that Hamburg TELDEC. Their first single was called Deinetwegen - on my account (… come to meet I you a piece). One year later (1976) married Bruhn in fourthBefore Erica Goetz became, the marriage 2001 again divorced. With the admission of the Titelsongs to the TV serial Heidi 1977 the break-through came. The song sold itself as single more than 500,000 times and can be designated than forerunner of the today's popular hit. With world-wide nearly 40Million sold units is it a Evergreen of the German maintenance music. Gitti & Erica became star and took up further titles usually in the area of the folk music. 1979 received it the Hermann Löns medal. Also common photographs with Karel God, Rex Gildo followed, Andy borrow and Sepp Viellechner. Into the 1980er years appeared Erica Bruhn under the alias lady Lily also as a solo singer. It made itself somewhat RSR later and asked its sister Gitti to look around for another Gesangspartnerin. After the separation from thatnew Partnerin Janine 1991 arises the duo again in the Orginalbesetzung.

In September 2005 their new album appears “love on time”. Texts and music are of Erika Bruhn.

second occupation

Gitti Goetz learned 1989 over the composer walter violonist (“La Pastorella”)the citizens of Berlin singer/actress Janine Karen Olsen (* 21. June 1958 in Berlin) know. Both understood themselves well and in such a way became Janine the new “Erika” (this time with “k” written). Its first common title Solang still red roses blühn became a large success, with thatthey among other things in the popular hit parade and the superhit parade of the people music 1990 in the Second Channel of German Television arose. They separated at the end of of 1991. Since this time Gitti & Erika arise again in the Orginalbesetzung. The way of writing “Gitti & Erika” was however maintained. 1995 took thoseboth at the Grand Prix of the people music part, but their title came lonely evening at the beach not under the first five.

Solisti activity

today lives Gitti in the desert forest, Erica in Upper Bavaria. Gitti is since its illness before 25 years to multiple Sklerose todaystrongly in prevention engages. Gitti helps to remain healthy here humans. Gitti and Erika appear again increased as duo. In September 2005 appears new duo CD with the title “love on time” (decay and up-to-date). Gitti Goetz is also solistisch with radio,To see and hear television and live-appearances. Today it makes its songs and texts as well as the arrangements usually. Also it published in September 2005 its new CD “it is never too late” with positive, responding texts all humans large joy prepares becomes.With its own program under the title “desire on health” connects it the topics prevention, health, information and music, goes it on tour.


  • Hermann Löns medal for special earnings/services around the folk music
  • “guards State center Heritage festival” - price
  • golden record for Heidi
  • Platinum record for 750.000 sold still red roses to units of Solang´ blüh´n. This like also different honors keeps it in its music room.

success titles

  • 1976 a little sweetly, a little bitterly
  • 1976 girls from the desert forest
  • 1976 grain flower tomes
  • 1977 Heidi
  • 1978 from Böhmenthe music comes
  • so long 1978 the chapel plays
  • 1980 Alice in the miracle country (lady Lily)
  • 1983 Tao Tao (Erika)
  • 1984 Patrik Pacard (lady Lily)
  • 1985 Non e vero / olive Maass - title music of the TV serial of the same name (lady Lily)
  • 1989 Solang red roses blühn (platinum for500.000 sold units)
  • 1991 my treasure is a Feuerwehrmann
  • 1992 Johnny (Gitti Goetz)
  • 1993 the red wine of Angelo (Gitti Goetz)


Gitti & Erika took up 15 long playing records in their career altogether. Beyond that both singers produced also solo albums. Here thosecomplete Diskographie albums:

  • 1976 sun in the heart
  • 1977 Heidi
  • 1978 Heidi and Peter
  • 1980 two girls for falling in love
  • 1982 songs from Böhmen and Bavaria
  • 1982 like that we are not
  • 1984 to our friends 1985
  • time the luck for me 1987
  • music thank-beautifully knowBorders
  • 1987 Christmas at home
  • 1988 leave to me love there
  • 1989 Solang' still red roses blüh'n
  • 1991 love opens all doors
  • 1992 the bridge fortunately (Gitti Goetz)
  • 1996 I hab´ you dear
  • 2004 longing finds its way (Gitti Goetz)
  • the Gitti & Erika -Album 2005: Love on time
  • the Gitti Goetz - album 2005: It is never too late

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