Giulietta Masina

Giuliette Masina (* 22. February 1921in San Giorgio di Piano/Bologna; † 23. March 1994 in Rome) was an Italian actress.

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the daughter of a teacher studied first in Rome philosophy and became afterwards the Dr. phil. attained a doctorate. Already during the study it arose with a student group of theatres and became acquainted with thereby the author and director Federico Fellini . 1943 married the two. From now on Masina shifted its work range completely on the looking plaything, first increasingly on the stage, to it also with the film. Understood it tragic character roles likewise to embody like clowneske naive ones.

She celebrated their largest successes as an actress with roles in films of her married man, thus as Gelsomina in La Strada - the song of the road, into the nights of the Cabiria, Julia and the spirit or beside Marcello Mastroianni as an aging dancer after the model Ginger Rogers' in Ginger and Fred. For its representations it was price-crowned several times, among other things with the David or the golden palm of Cannes. When role offers, which were sufficient for their requirement, were missing, them predominantly worked as an authoress for television programs.

After the tragic death of its married man, from whom it experienced on the return trip of an attendance with it in the hospital from the car radio, worsened a cancer illness, to which it succumbed scarcely five months later.

honors (selection)

  • 1951 David di Donatello Award as best Darstellerin for Luci del Varieta
  • 1957 David di Donatello Award as best Darstellerin for Le notti di Cabiria
  • 1957 golden shell as best Darstellerin for Le notti di Cabiria with the Filmfestival San Sebastián
  • 1957 golden palm as best Darstellerin for Le notti di Cabiria with the Filmfestpielen of Cannes

of films (selection)

  • 1951 Luci del Varieta (lights of the Varietés)
  • 1952 Europe 51
  • 1954 La strada (La Strada - the song of the road)
  • 1957 Le notti di Cabiria (the nights of the Cabiria)
  • 1959 the kunstseidene girl
  • 1965 Giulietta degli spiriti (Julia and the spirit)
  • 1969 The Madwoman OF Chaillot (err from Chaillot)
  • 1985 Ginger e Fred (Ginger and Fred)

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