Giuseppe Beltrami

Giuseppe cardinal Beltrami (* 17. January 1889 in Fossano, Italy; † 13. December 1973 in Rome) was a vatikanischer diplomat and a cardinal of the Roman-catholic church.


Giuseppe Beltrami studied the fan catholic theology and philosophy in Fossano and Rome and became to 5. March 1916 to the priest geweiht. Subsequently, it worked as Militärkaplan. According to resuming studies it stepped 1923 into the services of the Vatikan, where it was busy first three years long in the library and from 1926 to 1940 in the office of the secretary of state with holy speaking procedures. 1940 appointed it Pope Pius XII. to the Titularerzbischof of Damascusund Apostoli Nuntius in Guatemala and Ekuador. Further stations of its diplomatic career were Colombia, Lebanon and the Netherlands. Giuseppe Beltrami participated in the years 1962 to 1965 in the second Vatikani council . Pope Paul VI. 1967 accepted it as a cardinal priest with the title church Santa Maria Liberatrice A Monte Testaccio to the Kardinalskollegium . Giuseppe Beltrami died to 13. December 1973 in Rome and was buried in the cathedral of its hometown Fossano.


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