Giuseppe Berto

Giuseppe Berto (* 27. December 1914 in Mogliano, Italy; † 2. November 1978 in Rome) was an Italian writer

after the school time was Giuseppe Berto thirteen years long soldier. During the Second World War it came into American war shank and into Texas was interned. After the war it studied literature sciences in Padua. Berto was a neorealistischer storyteller. Its dark and illusionless novels describe a suffering of the youth in the war and post-war period in unpathetischer language. With its novel „IL brigante “, which appeared in the year 1952 under the title „my friend of the Brigant “in German language, attained Berto international admittingness.


  • IL cielo è rosso. 1949
  • Le opere di Dio. 1948
  • IL brigante. 1951
  • Guerra in camicia nera. 1955
  • IL paint oscuro. 1964
  • La cosa buffa. 1966


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