Glacier course cape run

under the glacier courses cape run one understands several aerial ropeways on the Kitzsteinhorn.

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glacier course cape ch. 1

the glacier course cape ch. 1 is a wire ropeway implemented in three sections, which went to 1967 into enterprise. The lowest section of the Kapruner Thörl to salt citizens the hut has a length of 2028 meters and overcomes an elevator difference of 970 meters. In the salt citizens hut the second section of the aerial ropeway begins, those to the Krefelder hut and overcomes an elevator difference of 554 meters. In the Krefelder hut the third section begins with a length of 2192 meters, which an elevator difference of 575 meters overcomes.

Höchste Seilbahnstütze der Welt.
Highest cable support of the world.

glacier course cape ch. 2

glacier course cape ch. 2 about 1995

the glacier course cape ch. 2 is one mostly in the tunnel running endless rope haulage system with the Austrian place cape run at the Kitzsteinhorn, which went to 1974 into enterprise. This course had the unusual track width of 946 millimeters and has a length of 3900 meters, about which 3300 meters lie in the tunnel. It is since a heavy fire misfortune at the 11. November 2000 with that it 155 dead ones gave, out of operation.

glacier course cape ch. 3

the glacier course cape ch. 3 is to 26. November 1966 in enterprise taken third section of the aerial ropeway on the Kitzsteinhorn. It was established by the companies Elin, Waagner Biro, Swoboda and was implemented as passenger ropeway with large cars with 2 cabs with a capacity of 60 persons. It leads from the valley station Krefelder hut which was on 2453 meters over the sea level to the station Kitzsteinhorn size burr which was on 3029 meters height. The length of this course amounts to 2208 meters, the maximum upward gradient 42%. The travel time amounts to 8.5 minutes and the maximum speed 36 km/h.

The glacier course cape ch. 3 possesses two Spannfelder. They are partitioned by the highest cable support of the world. This is a 113.6 meters a high steel framework construction, which on a square concrete block with 17 meters side length, which on a rock tooth is, created is. The construction consists of a central steel tube with a diameter of 2.2 meters diameter, which accommodates a maintenance elevator and a ladder. This pipe is supported with four parabolförmigen stealing vines with 500 millimeters of diameters. These props are connected all 10 meters with the central tube. The support was 1966 103 meters high at the time of their establishment. It was increased since then twice in its height first to 106.9 meters and now to 113.6 meters.

Information in more detail to the course and to the misfortune see Kitzsteinhorn.


table with aerial ropeways (Schlepplifte not contained) the GBK:

Aerial ropeways start-up valley station sea-height over NN in m mountain station sea-height over NN in m difference in height in m other
glacier course cape ch. 3 26. November of 1966 alpine centers 2,452 Kitzsteinhorn 3,029 577 highest cable support of the world
glacier course cape ch. 2 23. March 1974 Wüstelau 911 Krefelder hut (alpine centers) 2,446 1,535 out of operation
summit course Kitzsteinhorn 4. January 1990 summit course valley station 2,928 summit course mountain station 3,020 92
Langwiedbahn cape ch. 22. December 1990 Langwiedboden of 1,976 alpine centers 2,453 477
glacier course cape ch. 1 20. December 1991 Kesselfallstrasse/Wüstelau 929 Langwiedboden 1,978 1,049
flash land cape ch. 12. December of 1992 alpine centers 2,451 Schmiedinger Kees 2,656 205
Sonnenkarbahn 20. November 1997 Sonnenkar valley 2,415 Sonnenkar mountain 2,672 257
glacier jet I cape ch. 23. December 2001 valley station Gletscherb. Cape ch. 913 Langwiedboden 1,978 1,065
glacier jet II cape ch. 19. October 2002 Langwiedboden of 1,980 alpine centers Kitzsteinhorn 2,454 474

with the “crystal course” is projected a further aerial ropeway, whose establishment will presumably take place in the autumn 2006.

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Highest cable support of the world

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