Gloria Swanson

Gloria Swanson (* 27. March 1897 in Chicago; † 4. April 1983 in New York town center) was an US-American actress.

Gloria Swanson was one the largest star Hollywoods of the silent movie era. It began its film career 1915 and received to 1919 a contract with the Paramount, to whose largest star it ascended rapidly. Often it turned Cecil B. under director. DeMille. It contributed to the fact that it became one the glamourösesten star of the 1920er years. She earned a Wochengage of $22,500 on the high point of her career. 1925 married it a genuine noble one and carried for a while the title of a Marquise de la Falaise.

1926 left the actress the Paramount and produced their films themselves, in order to bring it over the company United Artists into the rental business. Such a procedure was at that time usual for large star quite. Also the Talmadge - Schwstern Norma and Constance, Charlie Chaplin, Corinne Griffith as well as Colleen of moorlands acted at that time as independent producers.

Most of the films were financially successful. But then Gloria committed the error to produce under the direction of Erich von Stroheim the film Queen Kelly. The work was never completed and it existed only a very much mutilated version. Gloria had a financial loss of over $ 800,000. At this time it was private with Joseph P. Kennedy, the father of later president John F. Kennedy together, which left it after the debacle around Queen Kelly however.

The change at the Tonfilm and it succeeded to the actress for their role as Sadie Thompson 1929 for the OSCAR were nominated. But led the change in the public taste to a leaving interest of the public in their films. After 1934 the actress withdrew itself increasingly on the stage. It sketched beside it its own series of dresses, it let which drive out over a large American retail chain. Gloria was a reasonablly successful radio star and arose already very early in the television. 1948 it of would run magazine selected to the most beautiful grandmother America.

1950 occupied Billy of savage Swanson in the film boulevard of the dawn, in which Swanson played a forgotten Diva of the silent movie. She was nominated for the third time for the OSCAR, but lost her against Judy Holliday. The hoped for comeback was missing however and it stepped only occasionally into small roles before the camera.

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