Glubb pasha

Sir John Bagot Glubb, alias Glubb pasha (* 16. April 1897 in Preston, Lancashire, England; † 17. March 1986 Mayfield, East Sussex) was a British officer, military strategist and Middle East expert. Admits became it particularly by its activity in the context of the Mandatsausübung of Great Britain over the today's Jordanian and their continuation, when the country had already reached independence. It was responsible to the most efficient Arab military unit of its time for the establishment and guidance of the Arab Legion.

John Bagot Glubb was the son of a British army officer. It received training at the renowned Cheltenham college and visited the royal military academy (Royal Military Academy). After its service in the First World War Glubb was shifted 1920 as a Freiwilliger into the Iraq, where he lived its language under Beduinen and and culture studied. From 1926 to 1930 he was an administrative supervisor of the Iraqi government.

Glubb and the Arab Legion

thereafter he was sent to Transjordanien and to the Arab Legion there in developing was assigned. Still 1930 it formed (camel) - the mounted the ore mobile Force. Their members consisted exclusive of wild-experienced Beduinen. Within years its effort had convinced it to give their earlier way of life up of the raids and assaults.

Since 1939 it led the army of the later king and its friend Abdallah I. in the rank of a general with the help of other English officers. This so-called Arab Legion successfully fought 1941 at the side of the allied ones in the Iraq, in order to thrash a group of Nazi-friendly Putschisten. Likewise it fought to France in by Vichy - the mandated territories of Syria and Lebanon with its troops, held. In the Palestine war of 1948 the Legion was the only successfully Arab army, with the durable occupation of the Arab populated West Jordan territory and its following Annexion.

Increasing one anti-British opposition within the country forces the dismissal Glubbs in consequence of the arguments of the Suez crisis in March 1956. After the abolition of the military pact with Great Britain of 1948 2 pulls to. July 1957 the last British troops from Jordanian ones off, after this already with the reorganization of troop stationings to 15. March 1948 the full sovereignty had attained.


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