God save the Queen

God save the Queen (English. “God, protects the queen”) and/or. God save the King (English. “God, protects the king”) is since beginning 19. Century the national anthem of Great Britain. The authority for textand melody was stressed by the son Henry Careys for its father. While the text could quite come from it, the origin of the melody remained unclear. The song Rule Britannia is considered as unofficial national anthem of Great Britain.

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the authority for the melody by the son Henry Careys for its father was stressed. In addition, some sources referon composers such as John bulletin or the Frenchman Jean Baptiste Lully or even anonymous roots in a Swiss military march. Carey is anyhow to have taken with the composition the assistance up of its friend Smith, some pupil of trade was andthat it the bass voice corrected.

Official premiere in an arrangement of Thomas Arne was to 28. September 1745 in honours of king George II. of Hanover. One year before was the song in a book thesaurus Musicus with thatsimple heading “printed for two voices”. While the rebellion of Scotland 1745 the song in all royal theatres sung and thus generally admits. Also the Jakobiten took the song with the change to “God save great James our king” on.

The strange designation “national anthem”, thus Nationalmotette, agitates therefore that a Anthem by trade with the same beginning, which composed fourth of its 1727 Krönungsanthems forms, was sung for a while daily to 1745 for patriotic reasons in Londoner theatres and concerts, directlybefore becoming known Careys song. Thus this inherited its name.

Liechtenstein uses the same melody since 1920 for its national anthem “above on the young Rhine “. With to 1961 sung Swiss the national anthem “welfare you Helvetia “andthe melody corresponded to the unofficial national anthem of the German Reich from 1871 to 1918 “welfare you in the winner ring “likewise to the British hymn. Likewise it served short time in the year 1917 in Russia as Zarenhymne.


song text

English original
God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen,
God save the Queen!
Send ago victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long ton reign over US;
God save the Queen!
O lord our God arise,
Scatter ago enemies
andmake them case;
To Confound their politics,
grind rate their knavish cheat,
on Thee our hopes incoming goods fixed,
God save US all!
Thy choicest poison in net curtain
on ago pleased tons pour;
Long May she reign;
May she defend our laws,
To and more ever give US cause
ton sing with and voice, God
save the Queen heart!1
emergency in this country alone,
But God's of mercies known,
From shore ton of shores!
Lord make the nation lake,
That men should brothers,
And form one family,
The wide world more over.
German translation
God, protects our benevolent queen!
Long live our noble queen,
God, protect the queen!
Send its victory,
luck and fame
that it prevails long over us!
God, protects thoseQueen!
O Mr., our God, assists her,
Zerstreue their enemies,
and lets it go down;
Confuse its (the enemies) politics,
defeat its Halunkenstreiche!
On you we set our hopes.
God, protects us all!
With your erlesensten gifts
Überschütte it, youto the favour
that it prevails long
that it implements the right
and us always reason gives
to sing sound and from hearts to:
God, protects the queen!
Not only in this country
God grace is well-known,
separating at all coasts!
Gentleman,show the peoples
that humans of brothers should to be
and be a family,
in the whole world.

Last both that originally six Strophen the counting hymn are not today any longer sung:

From every latently foe,
From the eat eat in blow,
God save the Queen!
O'er ago thine poor extend,
For Britain's sake defend,
Our, prince, and friend,
God save the Queen!
Lord grant that marshal Wade
May by thy mighty aid
Victory brings.
May he sedition hush,
and likeA torrent rush,
Rebellious Scots ton crush.
God save the Queen!
Against each hidden enemy,
against the attack of the murderer
, the queen protects God!
Stops your hand over it,
around Britanniens sake receive
our nut/mother, princess and friend,
God,the queen protects!
God, give that George calf
returns home by your powerful
assistance victorious!
It may bring riot to the silence
and break loose like a rapid river,
in order to thrash aufmüpfige Scots!
God, protects the queen!

1) If the monarchy ofa king one leads, to change - beside the obvious Queen/King - the last two lines of the third Strophe in:

with heart and voice ton sing,
God save the King

additional Strophe in Canada

Our loved Dominion bless
With peace and happiness
From shore ton of shores;
And let our Empire
Loyal, united, free
True ton of eleven and Thee
God save the Queen.
Segne our loved crowning colony
with peace and joy
from coast to coast,
and leaveour realm
obedience, agree, freely and
and you faithfully its!
God, protects the queen!

first Strophe on French (sung in Canada)

Dieu protège la pure
De SA Main souveraine!
Vive la pure!
Qu'un règne glorieux,
Long et victoirieux
Rende son peuple heureux.
Vive la pure!
God protects the queen
with its strong hand!
It lives the queen!
If a fame-rich likes,
be enough and victorious rule
its people lucky to make.
It lives the queen!
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1975 took up the skirt volume Queen the hymn, and published it on its album “A night RK the opera”.

1977 ensured the PunkbandSex Pistols “for attention, as it in London to the throne anniversary of Elizabeth II.a music piece of the same name presented.

Already 1970 gave the Prog volume to Gentle Giant on its first album (of the same name) a expressionistische version of “God save the Queen” under the title “The Queen” to the best, in that the pompöse presentation of the hymn thatAppearance, perhaps even the nature of the queen to reflect is.

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