Godesberger program

the Godesberger in such a way specified program was the party program of the SPD from 1959 to 1989. It became to 15. November 1959 of extraordinary SPD - Party Congress in Bad Godesberg (today part of Bonn) discharges.

It marked now also by program that practicallyalready lengthen carried out change of the SPD of a socialist labour party to a pragmatic people's party. It has in its fundamentals to today validity. Predecessor of the program was since 1925 the Heidelberger program, which was already weakened 1946 by the political principles of the SPD.The Godesberger program was replaced 1989 by citizens of Berlin the program.


the social-democracy was after the Weimar Republic and the time of the national socialism in a paging. The experiences, itself by years of the government responsibility and the failure as well as over one decade inPursuit and exile, should settle also by program. After violent, the chairman of the program commission Willi Eichler a draft submitted several years continuous controversies.

In the program come above all the influence of Willi Eichler, then from Carlo forge, Waldemar of Knoeringen and Fritz Erler to the expression. As crucial for the successful acceptance swivels harsh ore Wehners is considered for the endorsement of liberal-democratic principles in the party program. With the program the SPD of Marxist terms said good-bye such as class warfare, socialization of important branches of industry or planned economy.

1960 announced Wehner alsoa turn in the foreign policy of the SPD, away from a anvisierten all-German neutrality concept to the west connection of the Federal Republic.

The orientation framework 85 of 1975 was considered as updating and revision of the program. Replaced as basic policy statement of the SPD the program became final to 20. December 1989 by that Berlin programs.

contents of

the program replace many demands by an endorsement of the liberal Sozialismus' and a liberal however to responsible democracy. The demand for planned economy was replaced by a general confession to the free-market economy. In place of the demand for separation of civil class rule standsthe acceptance of private, however property at means of production, which can be oriented at the public interest.

Central one demands of the program are the constitutional state, the social free-market economy and the free development of humans.

The first set of the program reads: The socialists first vines a community, into each humans itsPersonality in liberty to unfold and as serving member of the community responsible in the political, economic and cultural life of mankind participate can.

For the self understanding of the SPD it means: Socialism is a continuing task - liberty and justice to fight for to retain it and itself into work satisfactorily them.

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