the Golanhöhen (Arab الجولان aluminium-Dschaulān, Hebrew רמתהגולן Ramat HaGolan) are a thinly settled, hilly region in the Near East. They belong according to international law to Syria, are however since the six-day war 1967 by Israel occupied and to 1980 were annektiert.

geographical information

Die Golanhöhen
the Golanhöhen
with the Golanhöhen concerns it a high plateau of volcanic origin between the lake Genezareth and the Syrian capital Damascus. A large part of the area is for instance with 1000 meters and. NN, the surface amounts to with oneLength of 60 km and width of 25 km altogether 1,150 km ². The highest collection is in the north of the Hermon with 2814 meters. By the height as much snow lies in the winter that with the Israeli settlement Newe Atiw a skiing area could be furnished.
Qunaitrain September 2001

the largest city of the Golanhöhen was the Syrian Qunaitra, which was destroyed by the Israeli army during the six-daily war, before she withdrew herself 1974 from the city. The city was developed until today only to small parts again. After conquestthe Golan was settled by Israel; the Israeli principal place is Katzrin. Altogether about 17,000 Jewish settlers live in 33 settlements and the same number of glands in a small area in the north of the Golan with five villages on the Golanhöhen.

The area becomes agricultural hardlyused, since the soils are very stony and large surfaces are mined. However the precipitation is comparatively high; Israel refers a large part of its drinking water indirectly (over Jordan and the lake Genezareth) from the Golanhöhen.


Wirtschaft und Landnutzung
economics and land use

thoseSettlement of the Golanhöhen goes back into the antique one. Similarly as in Masada at the dead sea there was a fortress of Zeloten, which was taken however by the Romans in the year 67 after relatively short time in Gamla.

Generally became the Golan admits in 20. Century with conquest by Israel in the six-day war. In the apron Syria had tried to derive parts of the water of the Golan directly in the Yarmuk (whereby it would have been no longer usable for Israel); in addition settlements at the foot of the heights were repeated guessed/advised under Syrian bombardment.During conquest a majority of the original population was driven out.
Syria could back-conquer parts of the Golans in the Jom Kippur war 1973 first; these areas were lost however in the further process of the fights again, the 1967 from the Israelis conquered city Kuneitra remained provisional however in more SyrianHand. In the following Israel and Syria a truce closed year; in addition a buffer zone under UN was furnished - control (UNDOF).

Since 1981 annektiert Israel the Golanhöhen; this Annexion was explained 1982 on a UN-special meeting for futile.

political meaning

so farthe Israeli occupation of the Golanhöhen a peace treaty with Syria in the way. Israel states the military-strategic and water-technical criteria, which already were with conquest of central importance for occupation. From the Golanhöhen it would be again for artillery stationed there an easy, large partsTo attack north Israel.

After 1999 negotiations under the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak failed, an agreement is in the near future improbable. The Israeli government under Ariel Scharon even announced at the beginning of January 2004 to want to settle in new settlements further 900 families on the Golan.

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coordinates: 33° 0 ' N, 35° 45 ' O


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