Golda Meïr

Golda Meïr

Golda Meïr (hebr. גולדהמאיר, actually Golda Meyerson, geb. Mabowitsch; * 3. May 1898 in Kiew, † 8. December 1978 in Jerusalem) was an Israeli politician.

It was of many years Foreign Minister of Israel and was of 17. March 1969 to 1974 the first Prime Minister minister Israels.

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lives Golda Meïr Pogrome experienced during its earliest childhood in Kiew. Their father fled his family into the USA, as her was five years old and retrieved 1906 after Milwaukee. Against the will of its parents she became a teacher, became a librarian in Chicago and New York. It was interestedfor politics and member of the socialist zionistischen movement became.1921 pulled it with its man, Morris Meyerson, to Palestine. There the two two years in a Kibbuz lived and pulled afterwards after Tel Aviv. Their two children, Menachem andSahra, were born in Jerusalem.

1923 joined Golda Meïr of the Mapai party. From 1928 on it was Aktivistin in the trade union Histadrut, in which it played a prominent role starting from 1940 as a political chief. The Histadrut sent it inthe USA for the study of the there woman organization. After its return it developed those zionistisch socialist women's movement in Israel.1929 became it member of the Zionisti world congress. Since 1946 it led the political department of the Jewish Agency.

Before the proclamationthe state Israel led Golda Meïr secret, futile negotiations to the peacekeaping measures with the Jordanian king Abdallah. Coined/shaped by their youth in the anti-Semitic Russia and of their time politics for it were coined/shaped a fight around surviving. She did not seepossible compromise between the interests of the Arab and the Jewish population in Israel („the Arabs want to see us dead. We want to live. There there is no compromise. “).

Golda Meïr was 1948 the first ambassador of Israel in Moscow, between 1949and 1974 were it delegates of the Knesset, between 1949 and 1956 were it work minister in Israel; 1956 to 1965 led it the State Department. Their commitment for the reunification of the Mapai party made it from 1966 to 1968 their general secretary.In March 1969 Golda Meïr was finally selected as a successor before of the deceased Levi Eshkol to the Prime Minister. 1970 interspersed it against violent resistance in the own rows the armistice at the Sueskanal. Because of at the beginning of successful surprise attack it turned out toEnd of the victorious Jom Kippur war of 1973 into a violent criticism relating to domestic affairs. Therefore she communicated her resignation in December 1973. Due to a longer cabinet crisis she transferred the office of the Prime Minister in March 1974 again, became however in April 1974by Jitzhak Rabin replaced. It died 1978 at leukaemia.


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