Goldammer (Emberiza citrinella)
Order: Sparrow birds (Passeriformes)
subordination: Singing birds (Passeri)
family: Buntings (Emberizidae)
kind: Emberiza
kind: Goldammer
scientific name
Emberiza citrinella
Linnaeus, 1758

the Goldammer (Emberiza citrinella) is bird a kind from the family of the buntings (Emberizidae). It is the most frequent bunting in Europe, it occurs from central Scandinavia to north Spain, from Ireland to far to Asia inside and is up to the outside ranges of its circulation area a condition bird. There were to the 1990er year 20 million breeding's pairs, and of it bred approx. 2 million in Germany. The existence are however declining.

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the Goldammer is 16-17 cm long and weighs 25-30 G. The males carry a yellow splendour dress during the breeding time, it have then a bright yellow head with few brownish strips, a yellow lower surface with reddish chest and brownish-grey Flügeldecken. The females are more inconspicuously green-brown colored, however still with yellow tendencies at throat and lower surface. In the simple dress the males resemble the females.


Goldammern live in the open culture landscape with field wood, hedges and shrubs. In the winter they pull in very large mixed troops around and look on fields for remained lying seeds.

singing male


Goldammern nourish themselves almost exclusively of seeds, only their boys feed it with insects.


the call of the Goldammer is a very characteristic „Ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-tüüüüüh “, which in the vernacular sometimes also with „have you-have you-have you liiieeeeb “one describes.

breeding care

Goldammern build their nests on the soil or at least at ground level. The female puts three to five eggs, out of which after approximately 14 days the Küken slips. After further 14 days they become flügge.


the Goldammer was bird of the yearly 1999 in Germany and 2002 in Switzerland.

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