Golden Globe Award

golden the Globe Awards are annually assigned honors for motion picture films and television broadcasts.

The award of the prize organized since 1944 of the Hollywood Foreign press Association. Over the assignment determines a group of always about 100 international journalists, who work in Hollywood.In the initial years excluding canvas productions were evaluated, but in view of the increasing popularity of the television one decided 1956 to likewise consider the newer medium. Within these two ranges those apply for the American Unterhaltungsindustrie golden for Globes after the Academy Awards ( the Oscars) and/or. the Emmysas the secondarymost important in each case honor.

The award ceremony takes place in the context of a Gala Dinners, is loaded to which, who has rank and name in Hollywood. Since the tunings for the Oscars begin often only few days after, many involved ones hope, by successful cutting off with golden the Globesin the favour of the Academy - to rise members.


golden the Globes are assigned in different categories, which are divided partially again into „drama “and „musical or Comedy “:


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