Golden Europe

golden Europe is the oldest German television price. It was annually lent from 1968 to 2003 by the Saarland broadcast (SR). Only in the years 1989 and 2001 there were no awards. Since 1981 were transferred the Gala also as recording in the television. Toon some exceptions the price was always assigned in Saarbruecken.

The honor was originally brought with the objective into being to support German artists and producers with their music against the competition from the USA and England. Therefore only German-language hits became in the initial yearsand their interpreters excellently. The moderator Dieter Thomas's tail contributed a substantial part to the establishment of the television price. When the guidance Saarland broadcast decided 1979 to distinguish also foreign artists with golden Europe tail the project turned the back and main header the golden tuning forkfrom the baptism. In later years golden Europe was assigned also within other ranges such as Comedy, maintenance, politics, sport or play.

winner golden Europe

  • 2001

in the year 2001 became thoseGolden Europe did not lend. The ratios of the transmission pleased strongly from the previous year did not justify high production costs in opinion of the SR guidance.

  • 1989

Im Jahr 1989 wurde die Goldene Europa nicht verliehen. Reason was the date transfer of the meeting. To1988 had taken place golden Europe always in the autumn, starting from 1990 always took place it in the spring. Because the temporal distance between the last autumn ending 1989 and the first spring transmission would have been however very short 1990, one let the transmission fail once.

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