Golden temple

Der Goldene Tempel
the golden temple

the golden temple also Harmandir Sahib or Hari one you (Punjabi: ਹਰਿਮੰਦਰਸਾਹਿਬ) mentioned, the highest Heiligtum of the Sikhs is in Amritsar in the Indian Federal State Punjab. It was created by guru Nanak in 16. Century and experienced further development ofits successors (in particular Ranjit Singh in 19. Century).

The temple lies on an island in the Nektarteich so mentioned and is covered with gold foil. The temple of a palace plant is surrounded. This has ever a gate on all four sides, which the openness of the Sikhsin relation to all humans and religions to symbolize is. In the temple are rezitiert during the time of day of verses from the holy book. These singing is under-painted musical and is over loudspeakers in the whole temple plant to be heard, what creates an impressive atmosphere. The temple is always openedand daily of thousands pilgrims, under it not only Sihks is visited. At night it is permitted the pilgrims for maximally three days to sleep under the arcades and in adjacent areas. In a neighbouring building for this time interval also simple meal is offered. The faith thatAccording to Sikhs, who bathes in the holy water or drinks of it, its personal Karma can improve. The plant is maintained and is wiped daily very much, in the temple inside even with milk.

Der Goldene Tempel und Haupteingang
The golden temple and main entrance

into the headlines the temple came 1984 by proclaiming of theState of Khalistan by radical Sikhs and storming the temple by soldiers of the Indian army in the operation Blue star. As reaction to the conquest sanctify around and the murder of the Sikh leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale the Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of their Sikh bodyguards becamemurdered.

In the first stick over the main entrance a Sikh museum shows the Leidensgeschichte of the Sikh under the Hindus and Muslims since that 17. Century. Beside weapons also paintings of the most important Sighmärtyrer are shown and - gurus. Special value with the selection of the pictures became obvious upthe representation of the different kinds of torture of past times and associated suffering of the Sikh put.

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