of these articles treats an occupation. For other meanings of the word see Goldschmied (term clarifying)

a Goldschmied manufactures decoration from precious metal (gold, platinum, silver, palladium). Here alloys are usually processed. The moreover one steel , iron , non-ferrous metals come as well as Wood and also plastic to the employment. The multiplicity of the materials covers among other things jewels, beads, ivory, rubber and email.

The occupation is strongly of work relating to crafts coined/shaped or structured industrially arbeitsteilig depending upon manufacturing emphasis. Fantasie, patience and pronounced motor (Eye - hand -) abilities are predominant conditions for those in sitting implemented operational sequences.

In principle one differentiates the Goldschmied, whose training and activity are limited to the organization and production of decoration, of silver-forges, that from the materials sakrales equipment specified above and everyday equipment in the form of containers and Essbestecken manufactures.

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historical development

the Goldschmied from Jost Ammans condition book, 1568

over the centuries regarded themselves from the gold forging occupationnew vocational fields out-develops:



gold forging families

  • Arfe (Spain)
    • Enrique Arfe
    • Antonio Arfe
    • Juan de Arfe y Villafane
  • Germain (Paris; France)
    • Pierre Germain
    • Thomas Germain
    • Francois Thomas Germain
  • Jamnitzer (Nuremberg)

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