Gordon Liddy

George Gordon Battle Liddy (* 30. November 1930 in Hoboken, new jersey) was the leader of the illegal secret service „of the plumbers “, who broke in 1972 into the Watergate hotel, which released then the Watergate affair.

George Gordon Battle Liddy was born in Hoboken , new jersey. It graduated 1952 and went then to the army. There it was used two years in the Korea war as artillery officer. After its return 1954 it studied law in Fordham. Afterwards it went to the FBI.

1962 it left the FBI and worked thereafter as a lawyer. In this function it organized 1966 the arrest and the first unsuccessful process against Timothy Leary. In the following years it became the fanatischen pursuer Learys, reconciled and got used to themselves into the late 1980ern however with it. Both organized a common course of lectures across the United States.

it pushed 1972 to the committee for the re-election of president Richard Nixon - CREEP. There he became leader „of the plumbers “. It organized the break-down into the medical practice of Daniel Ellsbergs psychiatrist, because this had passed on the Pentagon papers (study of the Viet Nam war) secretly the press. Likewise it organized personally the break-down into the Watergate hotel, around the democratic opposition to bugs.

Liddy was condemned for its role with Watergate because of conspiracy, break-down and illegal hearing to 20 years prison. After 4 one half years became it however to dismiss. President Jimmy Carter converted his measure of punishment.

1982 appeared Liddys biography („wants “). From this a TV-filming became.

Liddy did not shrink from the public. It appeared with numerous interviews and stated its extremely conservative view of the things. It had also some guest appearances with TV-productions (z. B. in Miami Vice).

In the film Nixon (film) (with Sir Anthony Hopkins as Nixon) of 1995 Liddy was represented by John Diehl.

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