Lage des Bezirks Gorj in Rumänien

of administrative districts of Romania
Gorj coloured marks

Gorj is a Romanian district (Judeţ) in the region Walachei with the district city Târgu Jiu. Its usual abbreviation is GJ.


in the year 2002 it had 387,407 inhabitants and a population density of 69 inhabitants perkm ².


the district has a total area of 5.602 km ².

largest ones of places

(conditions: Census 2002)

Municipality inhabitant
Târgu Jiu 96,562
Motru 22,848
Rovinari 12,497
Bumbeşti Jiu 10,596
Târgu Cărbuneşti 8,731
Turceni 8,582
Bălteni 8,010
Tismana 7,864
Băleşti 7,440
Plopşoru 6,672
Novaci 6,113

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