Gottfried August Homilius

Gottfried August Homilius (* 2. February 1714 in Rosenthal; † 1./2. June 1785 in Dresden) was a German composer, Kantor and an organist.

Homilius studied music in Leipzig and was there pupil of Johann Sebastian brook. Starting from 1742 it was organist at the Dresdens woman church and starting from 1755 up to his death Kreuzkantor and director of music at the three main churches of Dresden; Main effect place of Homilius was the Dresdens woman church, after the cross church was destroyed 1760 by Prussian troops and its new building only 1792 was geweiht.

Homilius composed church music predominantly: more than 10 passions (1775 printed), ever a Oratorium to Christmas (1777) and at Easter, over 60 Motetten, more than 150 Kantaten (six airs from different Kantaten appeared 1786 in the pressure), Choräle, Präludien and Choralvorspiele. In addition some “singing for bricklayers “ is and general bass of - school delivers.

The vowel compositions of Homilius enjoyed of largest popularity in 19. Century inside. A large number until copies received today witnesses from the spreading of its works.

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