Gottfried hunter

Gottfried hunter (* 13. May 1937 in castle) is a German photographer and photo theoretician.

After photographer training and a professional experience he studied Cologne at the national higher technical school for photography. 1960 he became a subject teacher for photography method at the work art school Bielefeld.

From 1972 to 2002 he was a professor for photography at the professional school Bielefeld (1993-1997 pro rector).

By its work and work, the FH Bielfeld appreciated it on the occasion of its retirement, hunters crucially to the fact contributed that the photography is called with equal standing with the arts painting and sculpture. The requirement of the photography as art form it already coined/shaped 1968 with the term “Generative photography”, for which for a systematically constructional direction in the artistic photography stands.

it received the George Eastman medal, 1996 the David Octavius Hill medal to 1992.

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