God-dear Friedrich Wagner

God-dear Friedrich Wagner (* 3. November 1744 in Reusten in the bunting valley; † 14. February 1839 in Maichingen)

Schulmeister in Maichingen (1796-1831), first freely more selected Schult-hot in Maichingen (1818-1839), political activity also on regional level, admits become as an author of several plays in Swabian dialect. These treat the problem of the political Unreife of the rural population, who must to get accustomed and want to their right of participation in the again established autonomy only a realistic description of the village customs and rural everyday life to give.


in the years 1824 to 1827 appeared the following works in Swabian dialect:

  • The school master choice to blind home or is of age the people?: Play in 4 elevators. (ersch. 1824)
  • People poems in the Swabian dialect (ersch. 1824)
  • Appointment and Heyrath of the Schulmeisters as blind home or the people is of age?: Play in 4 Aufz. (ersch. 1825)
  • Debates on the city hall to swabia home over the establishment of a Hülfsleihkasse. Play (ersch. 1826)
  • Madame Justitia in the looking box, or: exact and thorough investigation of a Excesses, which a goose in the flight committed. Play (ersch. 1826)
  • The representative choice to Dipplisburg. Play in 3 documents, groesstentheils in the Swabian Dialecte (ersch. 1826)
  • The hand caper up to pointed and button or farmer pride: Play in 4 documents, in the Swabian Dialecte (ersch. 1827)
  • There is nevertheless still a wedding: Play in 3 Acten in the Swabian Dialecte; a continuation of the “hand caper up to pointed and button” (ersch. 1827)

In the year 1840 postum one gave change:

  • The Schult hoisting choice to blind home or is of age the people? : Play in 3 elevators.


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