Goya (ship)

the Goya was a German cargo ship (length: 131 meters; Width: 17 meters, 5230 BRT), that with end of war as refugee ship one used and when its sinking to 16. April 1945 at least 7,000 humans around the life came. It became 1940 on the Akers threw in Oslo built and still fell in the case of the occupation of Norway before completion into German hands. Their maximum speed amounted to 18 knots. Their fall is considered as one of the largest disasters of the navigation. At the beginning of the yearly 1945 Gustloff, that came with the fall the WilliamGoya and the Steuben in the Baltic Sea more than 20,000 humans around the life.

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the ship should in April 1945 hurt soldiers and fleeingCivilians away from the east front into the west bring. The exact number of passengers during this travel is not well-known. 6,100 persons stood on the passenger list, but hundred further stormed the ship, many had only on the deck of the freighter place. Already during thatLoading fell first bombs on the port of the peninsula Hela at the exit of the Danziger bay, from which the ship damaged easily - among other things at the equipment for the detection of submarines.

The Goya became of the ships crown rock, Mercator and acts and to unitesmaller safeguard boats accompanies. Although the Goya was faster than submarines, itself the convoy at the slowest boat had - which „crown rock “with 9 nautical miles per hour - orient. Further delay gave it by a machine damage „the crown rock “, which could be repaired however. The ships were firstcompletely colludes toward Swinemünde broken open, but still in the evening one decided to drive to Copenhagen.


in the evening 16. April 1945 around 23:52 clock fired that, Russian mine submarine L-3 waiting for the ship on instruction captain of the Vladimir K.Konowalow two torpedoes on the Goya. It sank within only seven minutes in the three degrees cold Baltic Sea.

Many passengers of the overcrowded freighter died with the impact of the torpedoes, a majority with the ship into the depth were torn. Only one life raft could tooWater to be left, the however immediately kenterte, since too many ship-fragile clasped themselves to the boat. While „the Mercator took up “with 5.500 refugees on board immediately full travel direction Copenhagen, tried „act “to save survivor. However only 165 passengers could be saved, there itselfonly 1,500 the rescue west on board found and many humans in the ice-cold Baltic Sea very fast erfroren. The exact number of the victims could be never determined due to the inaccurate passenger numbers.


the Soviet Union denied sinking for a long time. Konowalow received for sinkingthe Goya the honor to the hero of the Soviet Union. L-3 stands today as monument in sank for Petersburg.

Exactly 58 years later, to 16. April 2003, discovered an international expedition under the direction of Ulrich Restemeyer with the help of a 3D sonar the wreck of the Goyain 76 meters of depth on the reason of the Baltic Sea in remarkably good condition.

further one sunk ships in the Baltic Sea


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