Becomes green youth

base data
Gründungsdatum: 16. January 1994
Nike Wessel,
Stephan Schilling
Schatzmeisterin: Julia Seeliger
of political
managing directors:
Pointedly assessor inside
Matthias Albrecht,
Sebastian Brux,
Gesine dear farmhand,
Paula Riester,
Alisa people ore,
Franz Zobel
of members: approx. 6,000
party arrangement: 16 regional organizations
address: Hessian STR. 10
10115 Berlin

the Green youth (abbreviation: GJ) is the youth organization of alliance 90/Die the Green.

Table of contents

contentwise the Green

youth similar

positions represents 3.4.3 federal committee (BA) as the party alliance 90/Die the Green, in someCases however with a more pointed accent setting. Important and again and again discussed topics in the Green youth are the drug politics -- here the Green youth supports for the legalization of soft drugs , the education politics, approximately regarding the question of the study fees, which are rejected, the woman politics and the environmental policy -- the Green youth takes part thereby about actively in the protests against Castor - transport, in the European politics as well as the political argument with new media. Here the Green youth steps and. A. for citizen rights in the information society and the support of suitor software . The Green youth represents often linkere positions as her nut/mother party and criticizes these also quite often.


the Green youth became to 16. January 1994 based. First it was its own federationand green-alternative youth alliance carried for the names (short: GAJB).

The first regional organization was the Green youth Hessen, which in the spring 1991 was based. This developed itself from Frankfurt youth table reserved for regulars. The Green youth Hessen used at that time and also this very day a frog as Logo. Thosegreen alternative at that time youth Baden-Wuerttemberg was based likewise in the spring 1991. Before the establishment of the GAJB and parallel to it still another federal youth contact point existed (short:BUJUKS), which draws to cross-linking of young members and sympathizer of the Greens as co-ordination department for served.

After some years of violent debates overto institutionalize green youth work the Green youth succeeds the way as federation, the system of the youth contact points dissolved gradually.

2001 decided the Federal association of the GJ the transformation from a structurally independent federation to a partial organization of the party.

2003a concept was accepted for the introduction by membership dues on the Federal congress in Leipzig by the federal meeting of the members. It looked first like it, as if the demanded ratification was not reached by 12 regional organizations.

In October 2004 however regional organization agreed with Brandenburg the twelfths. At present findsitself the decided concept in the conversion phase and should be completely converted up to the year 2007. But the regional organization Hessen resists still.



afterown data are at present approximately 6,000 humans member of the Greens youth, either over a membership in a regional organization or as an individual member in the Federal association. This corresponds to about 10% of the membership of alliance 90/Die the Green. The membership in the Green youth does not have with the membershipwith alliance 90/Die the Greens accompany. A membership in a party competing with alliance 90/Die the Green is forbidden. Member of the Greens youth can only be, who not yet 28. Lebensjahr completed.


the Green youth is developed similarly to the party. UpArea level gives it the groups of bases and/or. Circle and local federations, on regional level the 16 regional organizations and on federal level the Federal association. By these regional organizations the Green youth works very basis-democratically.

data of the regional organizations

Regional organization spokeswomen/chairman Mitglieder establishment homepage
Baden-Wuerttemberg iris Weible, Sebastian angel man 800 1991
Bavaria Sarah cross, Matthias's butcher
Berlin Clara gentleman Mr., Jakob Ache
Brandenburg Sarah Benke, Clemens Rostock
Bremen Caroline…, Korbinian.
Hamburg Emily Büning, dock Wilken 250 1994
Hessen Nicole Maisch, Daniel May 800 1991
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Christian Massing, FranzZobel
Lower Saxony Ann Morla Meyer, Helge Limburg approx. 300 1994
North Rhine-Westphalia Katharina drug, Anna Caelers 2300 1999
Rhineland-Palatinate olive shrub tree 376 1994
Saarland Rebecca Rickert, Dominik Bildt
Saxonia Diana Hohner, Stefanie Unger 1992
Saxonia-Anhalt Grit Michelmann, Stefan Krabbes
Schleswig-Holstein NicolasOxen, Katrin Liethmann
Thuringia Nico Besecke, Claudia Hille

committees and organs

executive committee

Stephan Schilling, Sprecher der Grünen Jugend
Stephan Schilling, speaker of the Greens youth

the Federal Administration is selected by the Federal congress on one year and consists of the acting executive committee with a spokeswoman anda further speaker or a further spokeswoman (both are equal), the political managing director or the political business guide, the treasurer or the Schatzmeisterin and six further members. The executive committee is quotiert.

meeting of the members

twice in the year meets the meeting of the members of the Greens youth, with thatall members are enfranchised. The meeting of the members selects the executive committee, certainly over the household and specifies the political lines for the work of the Greens youth.

federal committee (BA)

apart from the meeting of the members gives it as “small Party Congress” the federal committee, to each regional organizationtwo delegated to send can. Belong in addition to it one representative or a representative of the specialized forums as well as a representative or a representative each of Campusgrün . The work of the federal committee is managing director inside coordinated by four managing directors and.

specialized forums (FaFo)

a large part of the contentwiseWork of the Greens youth happens in the different specialized forums, in which at certain topics interested people meet.

At present exist within the Greens youth specialized forums about “education”, “democracy & right”, “drugs”, “equal rights”, “Europe & international”, “LesBiSchwul”, “media”, “ecology” as well as “economics & social”

since2005 give it the federal education adviser as a cross-linking committee for the education work. The federal education adviser meet twice in the year and organizes the education work with the Green youth, especially it plans the large meetings (summer academy). The federal education adviser becomes from two spokeswomen, as well as/political business guide of the GREENS YOUTH coordinates.


of the SPUNK (stands for “spontaneously, politically and naturally critically”) is the appearing at least four times annual member magazine of the Greens youth. The sechsköpfige SPUNK editorship is selected by the meeting of the members of the Greens youth. Beyond that some regional organizations have still own magazines like those Brennessel of the LV Bavaria, glaringly the LV North Rhine-Westphalia, Schampus of the LV Hessen, nevertheless the LV Rhineland-Palatinate, Zitro of the LV Baden-Wuerttemberg, alternative finch of the LV Schleswig-Holstein or the HEDGEHOG of the LV Lower Saxony.

federal office

the federal business place is for a smooth operational sequence of the political and organizationalBusiness of the Greens youth responsibly.

arbitral tribunal, invoice controller

as in every other tidy federation also gives it an arbitral tribunal, that are responsible for disputes between the organs and for contradictions of individual members against decisions of the federal level, and invoice controller and/or. - examiner inside, those thoseWork of the Schatzmeisterin or the treasurer and the bookkeeping in the office examine. Both committees are selected on the meeting of the members.

memberships in other federations

the Federal association of the Greens youth is member:

Web on the left of for the Green youth, Federal association


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