Green city

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Wappen Deutschlandkarte, Position von Grünstadt hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Rhineland-Palatinate
district: Bath Dürkheim
convention community: federation-free city
geographical situation: 49° 34 ' B., 8° 10 ' L.
Height: 161 m and. NN
surface: 18.09 km ²
inhabitants: 13.046 (August 2004)
population density: 721 inhabitants for each km ²
Postal zip codes: 67269
preselection: 06359
Kfz characteristics: DÜW
municipality key: 07 3 32 024
city arrangement: 3 local parts
of the city administration:
Cruiser way 2
67269 green city
E-Mail address:
mayor: Hans's hunter (SPD)
situation of the city green city in the district
Lage von Grünstadt im Landkreis

green city is a city in District bath Dürkheim, Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany), with 13.046 inhabitants (conditions: August 2004). It is seat of the convention community green city country, to which it does not belong however.

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daughters of the city


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] Geografie

[work on] in the Leiningerland because of the north border of the Pfälzerwaldes approximately 10 kilometers northof bath Dürkheim at the crossing between the German crying race and A 6.


still the local parts woodlouse home belong to city arrangement beside green city (with approximately 10,000 inhabitants ) (approx. 1,300 inhabitants) and rushing home (approx. 2,300 inhabitants) to the city.


Green city became to 21. November 875 mentions for the first time documentary.

Until 1969 the city belonged to (extinct) the district Frankenthal. In 19. Century gave it also a district to green city.


town councillor

the town councillor from green city sit down from 28Advice women and councilmen together.

CDU SPD FWG the Green FDP entire
2004 of 11 10 3 2 2 28 seats

(conditions: Local election to 13. June 2004)


Direkt of selected mayors is since 2002 Hans's hunter (SPD).

partnerships between cities

green citya partnership between cities with Hermsdorf (Thuringia) has. The local part woodlouse home has a friendship treaty with the city of Lower Saxony Peine. Further partnerships exist the Carrières sur Seine (France) to the cities Greenville (Ohio, the USA), Bonita jump (Florida, the USA) and Westerburg.

economics and infrastructure


over the federal motorway A 6 (Saarbruecken - Mannheim) is well tied up green city to the supraregional road system not only in Germany, but also to France and Tschechien. The city is besides because of the railroad line, which the German crying race along southwardafter new city at the crying race leads. In addition the re-activated ice valley course leads Ramsen in the Pfälzer forest until. In former times this distance was enough even to Enkenbach.

green city

the administration of the convention community green city country accommodates authorities apart from its own city administration, even ifthe city is federation-free and to the convention community does not belong.


green city has a district court, which to the regional court district Frankenthal (Pfalz) and to the OLG - district two-bridges belongs.


in the city is a 200-Betten hospital with more attached Rehablitation daily hospital (12 places). Carrier is the district bath Dürkheim.


of sons and daughters of the city

  • 1712, 20. January, Christoph Karl Ludwig von Pfeil, † 1784, 14. February in Deufstetten with Dinkelsbühl, realm baron and poet;wrote among other things the Evangelist church singing praying municipality, heilge you, Segnet us to good the latter and well-being a house (from the ELECTROCARDIOGRAM 1951 No. 275, 407, 429).
  • 1915, 2. November, Karl Unverzagt, German painter and carpet weber, clay/tone and metal plastics, Pfalzpreisträger and (since 1985) Honour citizens
  • 1948, 1. November, Werner wood, † 8. August 1991 in Ludwigshafen on the Rhine, German painter of “fantastic realism”.

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