Diagram Design

under diagram or communication Design one understands the organization about visual contents in different media, which communicate other humans by their representation somewhat. Various artistic and technical means are used.

The pertinent, not-protected job title diagram designer is a specification of the term designer. The diagram designer differs thus from the industrie, mode, photo and Web designer. Diploma designer may only call himself, who locked an appropriate course of studies at a university. The term diagram Design was coined/shaped by William Addison Dwiggins (1880-1956 ) 1922. Printers were , Typografen before, Schriftsetzer, commercial artists and designers often and the same person.

Possible fields of activity with the diagram Design are Typografie, illustration, photography, pressure diagram, DTP (desktop publishing), advertisement, Branding, Corporate Design as subrange of the Corporate Identity,…

beside the classical printed media like magazines and books electronic media with interactive characteristics are the areas of application of the diagram Design for approximately 1990 increase.

Diagram Design is relatively firmly embodied with the requirements of modern societies. Emphasis is advertisement and public work as well as tasks of communication of science and culture. The development diagram Design is however not everywhere coupled to the Industrielle revolution. So for example social and political commitment (after the student revolt 1968) and (poster) art (Toulouse Lautrec, and later also Polish Plakatgestalter, which worked in France, like for example novel Cieslewicz) had a very strong in FranceInfluence.

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