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Graham Greene (* 2. October 1904 in Berkhamsted (heart-Ford-almost); † 3. April 1991 in Vevey (Switzerland)) was a British writer. Itis considered as the author of world-wide reputation with most nominating at all to the Literaturnobelpreis, did not receive it however finally nevertheless. Its brother Sir Hugh Carl clay/tone Greene (1910-1987) was from 1960 to 1969 a director of the BBC and modernized the transmitter.

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Greene had a difficult childhood as a son of a head master, because it between loyalty to its father and too its schoolmates and cleverlybecame. It was early inspired by Joseph Conrad, in addition, by the espionage novels John of a Buchan (“the 39 stages”). For his later development than writers also Robert Louis Stevenson ( more far away related from Greene) and Henry James is important.As a young person it played occasionally Russian of Roulette and came into psychiatric treatment. After the study he worked some years as a journalist.

it converted 1926 with 22 years for the surprise of its anglikanischen environment to the catholic faith, among other things around itsMrs., a convinced Katholikin, marry to be able. The pair separated according to the Second World War because of Greenes of numerous affairs (it was among other things a frequent guest in brothels), remained however married up to Greenes death. Time life was he a critic thatOffice church, one of its books, Kraft and the glory (The power and the Glory), landed temporarily on the vatikanischen index of the “forbidden books”, although it is a singular representation of the special appointment of the catholic priest.

Inthe 1930er years wrote it for several British newspapers film criticisms (in which it tore Alfred Hitchcock regularly), and some expressions across the US child star Shirley Temple led to a slandering process, which drove the magazine “Night and Day” into the ruin. Inthis time began also its passion for travel (as a young man it was short time member of the communist party, because it hoped to be able to travel so in vain to Russia), which it maintained time life.

Over it had the Second World Waran employment with the British State Department, more exactly with the foreign secret service (here it was subordinated to the legendary feeler gauge Kim Philby). Therefore comes its exact knowledge of the more hidden sides of the diplomatic corps, which it in its novels (about our man in Havanna) sobenefitful represents, whereby he makes himself merry over it at the same time.

Its partially extraordinarily successful novels bring up for discussion psychology and history in the outside garb of adventure and crime, so that also the readers searching for maintenance found the their therein. It becamebesides also to the vehement critic of the colonialism and its excrescences. Greene divided its works for a long time into “novels” (the serious novels like “battleground of the life”, 1934) and “entertainments” (the maintenance novels like “hunt in the fog”, 1939), this distinction gave howeverlater up, because he discovered just like many readers that “entertainments” how “A Gun For Hire” belong to its best novels. In its earlier novels a schäbige, triste atmosphere prevailed, in which humans look for release (to “burn outCase ", 1960). In the English linguistic usage for this atmosphere the term was established “Greeneland ”. In its later novels, starting from “the journeys with my aunt” (1969), connected it its traditional topics such as religion and crime increasingly with a grotesque, makabren sensefor humor (as in “Dr. Fischer from Geneva or the bomb party ").

Greene was driven by the eternal feeling of the boredom, from which he wanted to escape (like he in its autobiography “Ways OF escape” tells). That led it to the alcohol(in many of its novels a large role plays, thus with the “liquor priest” in “Kraft and the glory” and in the crucial scene of “our man in Havanna”), into all crisis areas of his time, into many affairs and to an amazingProductivity: except as Romancier and journalist he worked as dramatist (its first piece, “The living room”, was a large success) and a film script author (e.g. with the third man and “the hour of the Komödianten”). In the film “the American night” of François Truffautit has a mute role. He was also a feared author of reader letters.

Large spreading found some its novels in Germany, when they came out into the 50ern as inexpensive paperbacks in the Rowohlt publishing house.

Its world-wide popularity is also noticeablethe numerous filmings of nearly all of its novels by directors such as John Ford, Otto Preminger, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Neil Jordan and Carol Reed (the third man, “our man in Havanna”), and in the last years v.a.“The end of an affair” with Julianne of moorlands and Ralph Fiennes and the quiet American with Michael Caine and Brendan drill. To its large friend circle the writer Evelyn Waugh (a catholic Konvertit such as Greene themselves) belonged, to Omar Torrijos, the presidentof Panama, and the film producer Alexander Korda. Greene met with Fidel Castro and became from François “dad Doc” Duvalier, the head of state of Haiti, after the critical book “the hour of the Komödianten”, in the Greene the terror regimethe clay/tone clay/tone represented , with slandering had pursued in such a way Macoutes (Duvalier Greene in a brochure called “Folterer”).

As Greene in the public over 40 years, loved themselves he long also was as present it nevertheless, to a secret toostylize and as few ones as possible about itself to speak. That led to it that also after its death the discussions are violently led across it, approximately across the question whether he its work for the secret service really after secondWorld war terminated.

With 87 years Graham Greene at the 3 died. April 1991 in Vevey in Switzerland.


  • 1925 - Babbling April
  • 1929 - The one Within (Zwiespalt of the soul)
  • 1930 - The nameOF Action
  • 1932 - Rumour RK Nightfall
  • 1932 - Stamboul Train (also The Orient express) (Orient express)
  • 1934 - It's A Battlefield (the battleground of the life)
  • 1935 - The Bear skin Free
  • 1935 - England larva ME(A son of England)
  • 1936 - A Gun for halls (also This Gun For Hire) (the assassination attempt)
  • 1936 - Journey without map (the way to Africa)
  • 1938 - Brighton skirt (at the abyss of the life)
  • 1939 - The Confidential agent (hunt in the fog)
  • 1939 - The Lawless Roads (also Another Mexico) (lawless roads)
  • 1940 - The power and the Glory (also The Labyrinthine Ways) (Kraft and the glory)
  • 1943 - The Ministry OF Fear (center of the fright)
  • 1946 - The Little Train
  • 1948 - The Heart OF the matte (the heart of all things)
  • 1950 - The Little Fire engine
  • 1950 - The ThirdOne (the third man)
  • 1951 - The end to OF the Affair (the end of an affair)
  • 1952 - The Little Horse bus
  • 1953 - The Shipwrecked
  • 1954 - Twenty One Stories: Contained among other things history “The Destructors”(Destruction rage). Tap: see also feature “Donnie Darko
  • 1955 - loose Takes universe (never marry in Monte Carlo)
  • 1955 - to The Quiet American (the quiet American)
  • 1958 - Our one in Havana (Our man in Havanna)
  • 1960 - A Burnt Out Case (a burned out case)
  • 1966 - The Comedians (the hour of the Komödianten)
  • 1969 - Travels With My Aunt (journeys with my aunt)
  • 1973 - TheHonorary Consul (the honorary consul)
  • 1974 - lord Rochester's Monkey (lord of smelling ester ape)
  • 1975 - The Return OF A.J. Raffles
  • 1978 - The human Factor (the human factor)
  • 1980 - Doctor Fischer OF gene EH: orThe Bomb party (Dr. Fischer from Geneva or the bomb party)
  • 1982 - Monsignor Quixote (Monsignore Quijote)
  • 1984 - Getting ton of Know the general (my friend, the general)
  • 1985 - The Tenth one (thattenth man)
  • 1988 - The Captain and the Enemy (a man with many names)


  • 1941 - the scar hand (This gun for hire) - collecting main: Novel “A Gun for halls” - direction:Franc Tuttle
  • 1944 - Ministry of the fear (Ministry OF fear) - direction: Fritz long
  • 1945 - hunt in the fog (Confidential agent) - direction: Herman Shumlin
  • 1947 - instruction of the conscience (The fugitive) - afterthe novel “Kraft and the glory” - direction:John Ford
  • 1947 - Brighton skirt - direction: John Boulting
  • 1947 - Piratenliebe (The one Within) - direction: Berne pool of broadcasting corporations Knowles
  • 1948 - small heart in emergency (The fallidol) - collecting main: Narration “The Basement Room” - direction: Carol Reed
  • 1949 - the third man (film) (The third one) - after the novel of the same name - direction: Carol Reed
  • 1953 - the heart of all things (Theheart OF the more matt) - after the novel of the same name - direction: George More O' Ferrall
  • 1954 - the end of an affair (The end to OF the affair) - direction: Edward Dmytryk
  • 1956 - never marry in Monte Carlo (Loosers take all) - direction: Ken Annakin
  • 1957 - the bridge of the retaliation (Across the bridge) - direction: Ken Annakin
  • 1957 - the holy Johanna (Saint Joan) - film script of Greene after the piece of stage of George Berne pool of broadcasting corporations Shaw - direction: Otto Preminger
  • 1957 - with the Satan on you (Short CUT ton brightly) - collecting main: Novel “A Gun for halls” - direction: James Cagney
  • 1957 - four whistles Opium (The quiet American) - after the novel the quiet American - direction: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
  • 1959 - Our man in Havanna (Our one in Havanna) - direction: Carol Reed
  • 1961 - Kraft and the glory (The power andthe glory) - direction: Mark of Daniels
  • 1967 - the hour of the Komödianten (The comedians) - direction: Peter Glenville
  • 1972 - England larva ME - direction: Peter Duffell
  • 1972 - journeys with my aunt (Travels with myaunt) - direction: George Cukor
  • 1979 - The human Factor - direction: Otto Preminger
  • 1982 - the honorary consul (The honorary consul) - direction: John Mackenzie
  • 1985 - Monsignore Quixote (Monsignor Quixote) - direction: Rodney Bennett
  • 1986 - Do you borrow their man to us? (May incoming goods borrough your husband?) - direction: Bob Mahoney
  • 1988 - the 10. Man (The tenth one) - direction: Jack gold
  • 1989 - Liebesroulette (Money of talc) -Collecting main: Novel “never marries in Monte Carlo” - direction: James Scott
  • 1990 - a trap for the killer (This gun for hire) - collecting main: Novel “A gun for halls”) - direction: Lou Antonio
  • 1999 - the end of oneAffair (The end to OF the affair) - direction: Neil Jordan
  • 2000 - the double number (double take) - direction: George Gallo
  • 2002 - the quiet American (The quiet American) - after the novel of the same name - Direction: Phillip Noyce


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